Custom Standard Umbrellas

Custom Standard Umbrellas can measure from 46” arc to 54” arc. These fully customized umbrellas can be shared with other folks and marketers can utilize its large space for imprinting business messages. Customers love these custom standard umbrella sizes because it is versatile and loved by customers from all groups. These umbrellas are ideal for start ups, corporate houses, associations and clubs as well as conferences, corporate tradeshows and it can be availed in competitive prices as well. These umbrellas are easier to carry anywhere and stand up against competition due to their large size.

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Forest Green
as low as $8.86
15 Pcs for $216.74
Clear: Back Order 5/22
as low as $7.61
25 Pcs for $234.24
Royal Blue/Black
as low as $8.64
13 Pcs for $167.33
Hunter/White: Back of Order is 2024/07/17
Navy/White: Back of Order is 2024/07/17
Royal/White: Back of Order is 2024/07/17
Carolina Blue/White
as low as $8.26
25 Pcs for $282.50
as low as $12.64
25 Pcs for $368.75
Cyan Blue
Hunter Green
as low as $10.88
25 Pcs for $365.75

Have you run out of idea for your next corporate event or tradeshow? We have organized this vast collection of stylish standard sized umbrellas in assorted colors and branded fashion colors which make it a standout in the crowd. These wholesale-priced promotional umbrellas offer great visibility to your business messages because of its large canopies that can be imprinted with the logo of your company, association and charity. These customized umbrellas make an interesting giveaway and they can be availed in various sizes. These large umbrellas make an indulging giveaway during tradeshows, business conferences, festive occasions and many more.

Most popular custom umbrellas such as clear umbrellas, bubble umbrellas, arc stick umbrellas are of standard size and they lend larger area for marketers to express their brand information. These logo printed umbrellas not only offer great space for imprinting businesses but also assure that a person using it is noticed several yards away.

These standard umbrellas are built to last and crowds can see it due to their vastness. These umbrellas help recipients to shade themselves during showers or on a golf course or keep their heads dry during April showers, which means your business information is sure to be seen anytime and anywhere.

No matter how they are used, these umbrellas will propel your brand recognition to greater heights with continued usage. We offer attractive price savings on bulk orders for these umbrellas. Call us at 888-254-5290 or email us at

Best quality standard umbrellas, free design, free artwork, free online proof and fast turnaround time are some of the benefits offered with these custom standard umbrellas.