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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Imprinted Umbrellas – Prop Your Brand Above The Competition


Business promotion has become diverse and interesting as never before. Marketers vie to come up with the best and the most trending custom gifts and promotional ideas to woo their audience and increase leads. Reports show that highly practical items that people can actually use in their daily lives make the most popular custom gifts. […]

Why Custom Umbrellas Make the Best promotional handouts

6 Feet Custom Printed Beach Umbrellas

Finding a perfect gift is never easy. If you want to choose something special for your audience, forget about the run of the mill gift ideas and place your cards on custom umbrellas. Umbrellas are gender neutral and make the lives of your recipients easier. Though we all need umbrellas in our everyday lives most […]

Imprinted Umbrellas- Gifts That Never Get Sidelined

68 inch Vented Custom Personalized Umbrellas w/ 8 Colors

Elegant and practical, custom umbrellas are something you really need. It is a smart hybrid of fashion and functionality and above all a business gift that your prospects can actually use. Designed to bear the weather elements with ease and to double up as fashion statements, umbrellas are available in a wide range of colors […]

Why Imprinted Umbrellas Make Popular Corporate Gifts?

42 inch Arc Custom Spring Breeze Folding Umbrellas Red

The biggest plus point of custom umbrella is that it will keep your brand on a proud parade even in bad weather where no other promotional gifts run a chance! Be it in pounding rain, sleet or stinging sun, your brand on custom umbrellas will never be marred by weather blues. So, if you are […]

Why Do Custom Imprinted Umbrellas Make Great Advertising Gifts

36 Inch Arc Auto Folding Customized Umbrella w/ 4 Colors

Custom Imprinted umbrellas make fantastic advertising gifts. But why? Simply because these are items that everyone needs and are hugely popular. Umbrellas are highly noticeable and grab easy attention all round the year. By having custom umbrellas as your promotional items, your brand will stay in the limelight even on a rainy day. Watch your […]