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Why Imprinted Umbrellas Make Popular Corporate Gifts?

The biggest plus point of custom umbrella is that it will keep your brand on a proud parade even in bad weather where no other promotional gifts run a chance! Be it in pounding rain, sleet or stinging sun, your brand on custom umbrellas will never be marred by weather blues. So, if you are looking for a corporate gift for your attendees, look no further than these crowd pleasing custom umbrellas

42 inch Arc Custom Spring Breeze Folding Umbrellas Red

Corporate gifts mean more to employees than you think. It reflects how much a company values its team and colleagues and there’s a lot to consider. What’s the budget? Tech gifts or not?  Is it gender neutral? Will it be a stand-alone item? Will your colleagues be traveling with it?- The list simply goes on. However, imprinted umbrellas tick all these boxes with ease. It is something everyone needs in their daily lives and will get retained for a long time

An umbrella is unisex.

Often marketers stumble at the mere thought of finding a gift that is gender neutral. Gender based gifts may not always cut ice as the crowd turns out to be different from what you expect. As a result you may end up with a surplus stock or run short of gifts based on your final attendee list. An umbrella holds the rare distinction of being a fashion accessory that is truly unisex, which makes it is the best corporate gift idea for both men and women. Distribute them during any event; you will never fail to impress your audience.

Corporate gifts for travelers

In a global world where people travel for business purposes more often than ever, custom umbrellas will make really meaningful handouts. Every time your attendees are out of town, your message too will get a wider and bigger audience many miles away from your locality. Umbrellas make corporate gifts that your recipients can start using the moment they get them. No need for batteries, charging up or configuration!  Our mini umbrellas and telescopic umbrellas are highly compact, designed with travel in mind. Small enough to fit into any bag or luggage compartment yet sturdy enough to face the weather conditions, these umbrellas do make interesting talking topics.

Presentation matters!

Umbrellas with box or covers will not just enhance the presentation style but will double up as imprint space for your message. It will also make a handy way for your recipients to store the umbrellas when they do not use it.  Corporate gifts deserve an elegant presentation to portray your brand identity in style. So, make sure that the gifts are packed in a sleek, high quality packaging for the best results.

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