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Why Do Custom Imprinted Umbrellas Make Great Advertising Gifts

Custom Imprinted umbrellas make fantastic advertising gifts. But why? Simply because these are items that everyone needs and are hugely popular. Umbrellas are highly noticeable and grab easy attention all round the year. By having custom umbrellas as your promotional items, your brand will stay in the limelight even on a rainy day. Watch your brand pop up everywhere when the weather turns hostile and imagine the visibility your brand will get.

36 Inch Arc Auto Folding Customized Umbrella w/ 4 Colors

Outdoor promotions at its best

Custom umbrellas make value added gifts for outdoorsy clients, people on the move and those who enjoy outdoor sports. Offered in a range of models, umbrellas will make it easy for you to choose something special for your target audience.  Hand it out at tradeshows, business events or at your local baseball field to get your message well noticed. The big bonus is that umbrellas are not just weather wear items but make great props and fashion accessories these days. Be it to hide from the prying world outside or to match it up with the new summer attire, people use umbrellas in just about any possible way. Thus, your brand imprinted on these never gets overlooked.

While traditional outdoor promotions like billboards incur recurring fees and expenses, umbrellas involve only one time investment. Every time your recipients prop up them up over their heads, your brand will get the undivided attention of everyone. Umbrellas are well retained gifts that remain with the audience for months on end; so you can imagine the exposure your brand imprinted on these will get.

Crowd pleasers

Imprinted umbrellas make crowd pleasing gifts that will tick the boxes of every type of promotions. Expecting a mixed crowd of all age groups and demographics? Umbrellas will make a great handout that will pique interest among your audience. Most marketers often find the task of choosing the most appropriate gifts a rough task. However, when they have popular gifts like umbrellas, they are on a sure turf.  Gender neutral and versatile, umbrellas can be used to reach out to very genre of audience and to talk about your brand.

Limitless options

Probably the trump card of promotional umbrellas is the countless options they offer. Ideal for every need and budget, these logo items are here to stay for a long time. Here are a few models that can be considered.

Automatic open: Pop it open with just the push of a button
Manual open:  A Classic choice with fewer parts of failure will make them well retained

Mini umbrellas: Good things indeed come in small packs. The ultimate delight of the busy travelers and daily commuters, these umbrellas can fold down to fit inside a bag or brief case.

Patio umbrellas: Soak up the sun while staying cool on the beach or patio; ideal for beach events and restaurants

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