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Surprising Ways Umbrellas Boost Your Brand Popularity

Not all promotional items are alike. Marketers that wish to make consistent brand impressions without any repeat effort or investment should consider high utility custom giveaways like umbrellas.

In today’s highly competitive  business world, general advertising strategies don’t seem to work anymore. Customized promotions have indeed become the new  trend  to capture the attention of consumers. This is where popular handouts like custom umbrellas make a great choice. These giveaways can also help you expand your client portfolio thus broadening your horizon.

Have you ever wondered about the significance of umbrellas ? You can imagine the tremendous impact umbrellas can have on your everyday lives. Apart from helping the users to stay weather safe, umbrellas make fashion accessories that are hard to overlook. You can choose from a wide assortment of styles and colors including inverted umbrellas, golf umbrellas and antiwind umbrellas among others.

Why custom umbrellas

The concept is simple: an everyday use item will get a high level of engagement among the consumers in a consistent way. Having umbrellas branded with your company name and logo will keep your name in sight of the prospects for prolonged periods of time.  Thus more people will take note and recognize your brand in the future.  In other words, your logo on these everyday products is integrated into the consumer’s life to ensure subtle brand promotion and referrals.

Umbrellas are practical

PPAI 2021 report shows that 75.4% consumers cite utility as the number one factor in deciding whether to retain that item or not!  That is why  practical giveaways like umbrellas make proven marketing tools that seldom fail. In addition , it has the longest retention of 14 months  or more among promo giveaways.

The success of promotional products depends on its practicality. People prefer to get promotional gifts that are useful. Every time your recipients use them,  your organization receives exposure.Umbrellas are used by just about everyone. It has a lot more practical value than you would expect. People  rely on it to stay safe from elements and to boost their outdoor style.


One of the advantages of making custom umbrellas your merchandise is its portability. Your customers can take it with them wherever they go. By doing so, your customers ensure maximum exposure for your brand. Whether you are a start up organization or a large corporate firm, the advantages of using custom umbrellas offer a goldmine of marketing literally. It is one of the most convenient yet subtle ways of getting your brand noticed.  

Choices galore

Umbrellas are not plain and boring anymore. Today, these are available in a wide range of interesting models including quirky models like square canopy umbrellas or flashlight umbrellas- to list a few . The model that you choose should ideally cater to the needs of the audience.

For instance, if you are planning to reach out to a classic audience, choose auto open umbrellas or standard umbrellas. Models with wooden hook handle will make a great choice too. For regular commuters, small and  travel friendly models like mini umbrellas will make a great choice.

Choosing the best gifts and corporate giveaways need not be a tedious task as you can choose from a multitude of options. With a diverse  inventory of stylish models you can choose the most appropriate model that will complement your promotional theme. Most importantly, you can translate your designs into reality and out them on a panoramic display on these items.

A subtle and efficient marketing strategy

Umbrellas will ensure a panoramic brand display, every time your recipients open it during a day out in the open, and in fact during any outdoor activities like beach holidays. Thus your brand will continue to make consistent impressions without you having to put in any repeat effort!

High quality giveaways

Custom-printed umbrellas are not something that people get every other day. Umbrellas will surely reflect your brand in a positive light and adds to your brand value and reputation.


During business events and  conferences, you can  promote your brand and earn a distinctive spot in the professional world. By choosing custom umbrellas as giveaways, you can let your recipients take your brand to various parts of the world- literally!

Custom  umbrellas with your brand name on it will not just engage the user with your brand but everyone around will also be  exposed to your brand name.The best part is, investing in custom umbrellas ensure more returns for the money along with unbeatable brand exposure.


 Premium customization is another advantage offered by  custom umbrellas. Regardless of the model that you wish to profile, they will work as an effective marketing tool. A creatively designed umbrella will surely spark interest and attention among people who come into contact with it. Thus it will even add to those good outdoorsy vibes and will make your brand part of their happy memories. Afterall, the ultimate purpose of  handing out these giveaways is to make their lives easier.

Promotional umbrellas help you increase brand visibility without being overwhelming. Show that you care by protecting your recipients from the harmful UV rays of the sun that exists in the atmosphere 

Summing up

Undoubtedly, custom umbrellas are universally popular marketing products that will help you  conduct a wide range of promotional activities. Umbrellas are popular throughout the entire world, which means, your brand exposure will get a great impetus. Take advantage of the popularity of custom umbrellas to enhance your brand popularity.

 Now that you know how custom umbrellas can build brand trust, it is time to explore our complete line of custom umbrellas to choose a model that will fit your theme.

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