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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Why Custom Umbrellas Make A Perfect Giveaway All Round The Year


The one query that we at the product team in US umbrellas face day in and day out from marketers is “What is the guarantee that people won’t trash custom umbrellas”. Here are some of the solid reasons that make umbrellas a great hand out for promotional campaigns, awareness campaigns and as party favors or […]

Five Promotional Umbrellas That You Cannot Miss Out

48 Inch Arc Non Woven Promotional Sun Umbrella

Custom Umbrellas make effective branding items for several sound reasons. First of all everyone uses umbrellas all through the year and not just during summer or at outdoors. Logo umbrellas will let your brand reach out to clients of all age groups. In addition, umbrellas will ensure your recipients a feeling of safety and preparedness […]

Custom Umbrellas – Any Time Is Right To Hand Out These Logo Gifts

Personalized Four Seasons 55 inch Arc Totes® Golf Size Auto Open Folding Umbrella

Most people only take umbrellas to face inclement weather when they hear met office warnings. However, umbrellas are not for just bad weather days. Here are some other events where these custom merchandise can be handed out. As Tradeshow items These versatile promotional umbrellas will make a great choice for various events including tradeshows and […]

Everything You Need To Know about Promotional Umbrellas


Umbrellas are something everyone uses to stay shielded from bad weather. An ordinary looking umbrella may not even be noticed by most people. However with a bit of smart branding, you can turn even an innocuous looking umbrella into a high voltage marketing tool. Custom umbrellas make promotional staples during tradeshows, outdoor promotions golf weekends […]

Printed Umbrellas – Perfect For Spring Season Promotions

Personalized Four Seasons 35 inch Arc Totes® Fashion Printed Bucket Rain Hat & Mini Auto Open /Close Umbrella Set

Spring has arrived finally to ensure the much needed respite from the numbing winter chill for everyone. This is the time when most people plan outdoor picnics, holidays and pool parties. So, if you are a marketer trying to turn the spring holidays into your brand promotion exercise, look no further than these delightful printed […]

Personalizing Umbrellas With Funny Notes

46 Inch Arc Custom Logo Executive Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas make popular promotional items for business professionals because everyone needs umbrellas and moreover this essential and daily use item can be used to promote all types of businesses. No matter whether you need to reach out to your women audience, teens or kids, umbrellas make perfect handouts. Pack a fun twist to ordinary […]

Custom Umbrellas- Things You Might Not Have Known Before

43 inch Wind Logo Imprinted Umbrella

Sun is out; so are the colorful umbrellas! To reach out to the outdoor loving people, there can’t be a better logo imprinted gift than custom umbrellas for marketers. It is amazing that all it takes is a little bit of branding to transform these ubiquitous items into a potent marketing tool! Though custom umbrellas […]

Seven Benefits Of Using Oversized Custom Umbrellas in Hoisting Your Brand

7 ft x 6 Panel Personalized Market Umbrella

In a highly competitive market, advertisers look for budget friendly yet popular promotional gifts to reach out to their audience and leave a lasting impression in their minds. Innovative ways of marketing the products is the key to be successful and to stay ahead in the market. Gone are the days when a newspaper ad […]

Save the Day of Your Customers And Your Brand All At Once With Custom Umbrellas

47 Inch Arc Promotional Clear Bubble Umbrellas with Hook Handle

Seasonal gifts make a popular trend in promotional products. So, make sure not to miss this fashion trend by handing out logo umbrellas. The wide canopy offers a perfect canvas for all your messages and logo while the countless models and colors will ensure ample choices for marketers even on a small budget. It’s a […]