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Five Promotional Umbrellas That You Cannot Miss Out

Custom Umbrellas make effective branding items for several sound reasons. First of all everyone uses umbrellas all through the year and not just during summer or at outdoors. Logo umbrellas will let your brand reach out to clients of all age groups. In addition, umbrellas will ensure your recipients a feeling of safety and preparedness even during emergency situations.

Here are some of the other advantages of custom umbrellas that are too good to ignore.

  • A custom umbrella ensures a high level of visibility and brand exposure at fairly easy rates.
  • Personalized umbrellas enjoy a higher retention because of its utility factor unlike many other logo gift items.
  • An impressive range of color choices on offer.
  • Umbrellas offer a huge imprint area- Not many products can match its promotional potential and budget friendly rates.
  • Anything imprinted on these custom umbrellas will be visible from a greater distance than any other normal promotional item.

Here are the five promotional umbrellas that you will find interesting this season.

Golf umbrellas: The sheer size of the canopy makes these golf umbrellas great choices to put your brand and message right in front of the eyes of your recipients. No matter whether it is in the golf greens, your garden or the patio, these brilliantly colored golf umbrellas will never fail to grab the attention of your audience and create impressions for your brand.48 Inch Arc Non Woven Promotional Sun Umbrella

Personal umbrellas: These make great tradeshow staples as these offer the best of both the worlds of a good branding item for marketers and a practical item for your recipients. Imprint your logo and message on these compact items that your recipients will find easy to carry around or leave in their car or office without getting in the way.37 inch Arc Folding Custom Logo Umbrellas

Kids umbrellas: Looking for an irresistible gift item to promote your kids fashion stores, schools or activity centers? Look no further than these handy items of kids’ umbrellas. Imprint your logo and message on these colorful umbrellas that they will surely love to carry during picnics, outdoor holidays and even to school. Imprint your logo and message on these limited edition logo gifts items and see how your brand becomes part of their daily life.36 inch Arc Customized Penguin Shaped Kids Umbrellas

Folding umbrellas: These handy logo items that fit into the bags or the boot of a car for emergencies will make a great promotional item for all types of businesses. It makes a fabulous way to market your brand and to expose your logo all through the year even on a bad weather day! No matter whether you plan to hand these out as corporate gifts, back to school items or as loyalty gifts, folding umbrellas will never fail to work for your brand.Personalized 41 inch Full-size Manual Open Patriot Folding Umbrella

Fashion umbrellas: Umbrellas are not just weather wear items but also make great fashion props and accessories for everyone. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how these custom gifts double up as delightful props and accessories. Choose from a range of models including bubble umbrellas with hook handle, printed logo umbrellas and cotton executive umbrellas among others.43 inch Arc personalized Umbrellas

We at US umbrellas have umbrellas of all sizes right from the massive golf umbrellas to the compact mini umbrellas and everything that falls in between. Choose a model that suits your theme and enjoy the ultimate portability for your brand.

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