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Why Custom Umbrellas Make A Perfect Giveaway All Round The Year

The one query that we at the product team in US umbrellas face day in and day out from marketers is “What is the guarantee that people won’t trash custom umbrellas”. Here are some of the solid reasons that make umbrellas a great hand out for promotional campaigns, awareness campaigns and as party favors or personal gifts.62'' Windproof Personalized Umbrellas

Utility factor: Everyone uses umbrellas in their daily lives and may need one for their home, office, car and a few spare ones for every member of the family. Be it in rain or shine, people use umbrellas and when they get a unique and personalized umbrella as gifts they will be really excited. Umbrellas are rarely trashed as these logo items are not something that go out of trend or change depending on seasonal trends unlike most other custom gifts.

Versatile gifts: Umbrellas can be used in many smart ways and not necessarily against weather elements. Umbrellas make snap shot props, wedding shower or baby shower party favors. Available in a range of colors and prints, custom umbrellas will fit the bills of every color themed events.48'' Arc Stick Customized Logo Full Color Umbrellas

Massive imprint area: Umbrellas have a generous imprint area for your logo and message. When your recipients use a custom umbrella your brand will enjoy a 360 degree exposure that will readily grab the attention of people even from a long distance. The wide canopy area and the brilliant color choices will make a highly attractive space to position your message, mascot, fun quotes or anything that you think will connect your brand with your audience!

Umbrellas increase awareness: Umbrellas are popular items that not many people can resist, which makes them great for awareness campaigns. The best part is that umbrellas are available in a range of colors, which makes it possible for advertisers to employ these for a variety of causes like cancer or AIDS awareness campaigns and a variety of other causes. Your recipients will be spreading awareness for your cause every time they open their umbrellas.

Custom umbrellas have always been custom products of tremendous staying power. If you are looking for some popular models that will put wind into the sails of your brand promotion, these custom umbrellas will make a great choice.

Antiwind umbrellas: Everyone will dread the thought of ending up with an umbrella that turns inside out on a rainy day! These antiwind umbrellas that come with reinforced steel can easily counter even a strong gust of wind and harsh downpour and put your brand on wide display even on a bad weather day.

Full color umbrellas: Think beyond the mundane black colored umbrellas and place your bets on these colored umbrellas that will tug the hearts of everyone. Offered in a range of delightful prints and attractive colors, these custom umbrellas will surely put your logo on wide display at all times. Even on a pleasant day, your recipients will be tempted to flaunt these umbrellas as fashion accessories or props that will readily earn them a few eyeballs!

So., if you have decided to use umbrellas for your upcoming promotional events, you have come to the right place at US Umbrellas. Tell us your requirements and we are always pleased to assist you.

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