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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Follow The Fashion Trend By Making These Popular Custom Umbrella Models Your Marketing Swag

39 Inch Arc Promotional Totes Folding Mini Umbrellas

Gone are the days when umbrellas used to be just weather wear items. These days, umbrellas make potential branding gifts, fashion accessories and even props! Choosing the right logo umbrellas will make your promotions more successful and impressive. Consider the needs of your recipients and age groups while choosing custom umbrellas for maximum impact. Here […]

Custom Umbrellas- The Ultimate Advertising Billboard You Can Ever Ask For!

37 inch Arc Folding Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 6 Colors

Custom umbrellas will get hundreds of people walk down the street with your brand well displayed over their heads. The best part is that your recipients would love to do it for free and feel happy about it! Logo imprinted umbrellas will make a great marketing tool to get your ideas across. Guess why? Here […]

Full Color Custom Umbrellas For Fantastic Fall Season Promotions

Personalized 48 inch Auto-Open Deluxe Curved Maple Handle Fashion Umbrella

The summer has run its course and the fall has rolled in and marketers are bringing in seasonal items like umbrellas into their promotional mix to make sure that the chill in the air doesn’t dampen their brand exposure. The fall weather that is expected to dominate from mid September till October will have its […]

Custom Umbrellas Make Great Freebies During Fall Golf events

46 Inch Arc Custom Logo Executive Umbrellas w/ 4 Colors

Custom umbrellas make great promotional gifts for marketers who may be planning autumn promotions. Fall makes a great time for people to think of camping holidays and picnics. Keep your recipients safe from autumn showers and chill with these high value gifts that will enjoy a long retention as well. Fall season that comes soon […]

Custom Umbrellas – Logo Items With A High Sales Pitch

47 Inch Arc Promotional Clear Bubble Umbrellas with Hook Handle

Not many things sell themselves except may be ice cream or chocolates! Marketers often deploy popular promotional items with a sales pitch to give their branding a boost. To sell a product you need an interesting freebie and an innovative approach. Custom umbrellas make great promotional products that will not just sell products but will […]

Personalized Map Umbrellas- Make The Whole World See Your Brand Literally!

43 Inch Arc Promotional DC Metro Map Automatic Open Umbrellas

Gone are the days when umbrellas used to be purely functional. These days, there are more of props and fashion accessories that will brighten the profile and add a pop of color and character to the ensemble. Everyone needs umbrellas to stay safe from the harmful UV ray risks all round the year. Quite rightly, […]

Custom Umbrellas Will Make A Perfect Halloween Gift For Marketers

Custom Umbrellas Will Make A Perfect Halloween Gift For Marketers

Halloween falls on October 31st, the last day of the Celtic calendar. Originally observed as a pagan holiday, honoring the dead, Halloween dates back to over 2000 years and is one of the oldest holidays that is still celebrated. Hugely popular, Halloween draws huge crowd of people celebrating the day with costume parties, trick-or-treating and […]

Custom Rebel Reverse Umbrellas – Product spotlight

48 Inch Arc Promotional Logo Rebel Umbrellas

Umbrellas have undergone very little change in the basic design during their 300+ year history. Apart from being a functional item, custom umbrellas have evolved to be a fashion accessory and advertisement media. The simple design and ease of operation of umbrellas have gone a long way in retaining the popular design of umbrellas for […]