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Custom Umbrellas – Logo Items With A High Sales Pitch

Not many things sell themselves except may be ice cream or chocolates! Marketers often deploy popular promotional items with a sales pitch to give their branding a boost. To sell a product you need an interesting freebie and an innovative approach.

47 Inch Arc Promotional Clear Bubble Umbrellas with Hook Handle

Custom umbrellas make great promotional products that will not just sell products but will keep your recipients safe from bad weather conditions. Umbrellas have the added advantage of having a massive imprint space for you to place your brand and logo. These can be customized beautifully in different ways to ensure a high perceived value. For instance you can imprint your artwork or logo inside the umbrellas, outside the umbrella or even on its handle. You can spread awareness messages, special deals or announcements on these custom umbrellas with ease.

Umbrellas can help boost profits

Umbrellas have a lot of money making potential. For instance museums and tourist edifices can make use of the large imprint area of the umbrellas to make custom gifts that can be sold in gift shops as tourist souvenirs. Everyone would love to take home a few of these as their travel souvenirs that will be cherished for a long time. Museums can use images of their collectibles on the outside or inside of fashion umbrellas, which will encourage people to visit the museums and set off word of mouth publicity.

For Concierge Service

Imprinted umbrellas make a great item to promote hotels, which use it for concierge service. Some hotels give it as free gifts during summer or fall. They can even put logo umbrellas in every room or as part of the wet bar with a tag that says that the guests can use this umbrella at a small cost. It will come handy on a bad weather day for the guests who might not have packed their umbrellas.

As employee gifts

The high functional value of umbrellas will make it a great reward item. Custom umbrellas can be used as an incentive and gift during store opening or special promotional drives. Umbrellas are available in a range of colors and interesting patterns, which means that you can choose a model that perfectly complements your promotional theme and budget. These gifts of high perceived value and utility will make your employees feel well appreciated and happy and every time they use it, your brand will get a boost. These limited edition branded umbrellas will make the recipients feel really special and will double up as the hottest banter topic in their friends circle.

For outdoor events

Umbrellas may not necessarily make the centerpiece of a promotion, but these could save the day for your recipients and can prevent outdoor events from getting cancelled. Be it outdoor tradeshows or golf events, umbrellas can come to the aid of everyone during a bad weather day.

Have you used custom umbrellas in your promotions before? If yes, share your experiences at the comments section and join the conversation.

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