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Patio Umbrellas Are The Best For Outdoor Promotions

It’s definitely a great time of year for everyone to be outdoors!. With the  Labor Day holiday weekend and the onset of autumn season, most people may be busy giving final touches to their outdoor holidays and events; whether it is eating out, enjoying picnics in the park or indulging in beach fun. Businesses can thus find innumerable new ways to reach potential customers.  Outdoor promotions and giveaways like custom umbrellas help marketers to connect with a mass crowd.

Patio umbrellas do not need a formal introduction as the marketer’s best choice. The trendy designs and impressive size of patio umbrellas will give a lot of options for marketers to make their message well seen.

 The nice weather will inspire customers to simply love to sit outside to enjoy meals in restaurants as well. Available in various sizes and colors, custom patio umbrellas will definitely make an excellent addition to any outdoor table setting. They provide sun protection for guests while highlighting the off-premise presence of your business. If you are looking for an innovative outdoor mode of advertising, custom patio umbrella is indeed the best choice.

 Here are just a few reasons why you cannot miss patio umbrellas during your outdoor advertising efforts:

Visually appealing

Customizable patio umbrellas will allow you to be creative with your outdoor advertising. Add your logo, artwork and message on the wide canopy of the umbrellas to get instant attention from the target audience and even casual passers- by. These massive umbrellas can also be used for any promotional event where people need protection from the elements.

Enhance Brand exposure for customers

When your customers sit down under these sprawling umbrellas, you will get a captive audience for your marketing message. It assumes greater significance as it will help you make repeat business from people who come to your establishment.

It inspires your guests to interact

When people see these brilliant umbrellas they will be keen to interact with it. It happens because these attractive umbrellas appeals to their sense of fun. So they will be keen to know more about the message that is printed on the canopy while it provides protection from bad weather. Patio umbrellas will help you make the most of the available outdoor spaces. Ideal for patios, decks and porches, these custom umbrellas will also give a dramatic appeal to the outdoor dining experience of the customers.


Patio umbrellas are easy to carry across various event venues and to get their message across to a wider audience. It is a perfect way to get your business noticed while offering protection from elements. While other forms of advertising, such as billboards, remain static in one spot, patio umbrellas can be easily moved around to different locations. It will thus enhance brand visibility and exposure.


Umbrellas are durable and long lasting. It is easy to fold up, store and transport. Thus these logo umbrellas will make walking talking billboards for your business at one time investment. Your brand on these umbrellas will make consistent impressions at one time investment.

Available in a wide range of models

Patio umbrellas are available in a variety of styles in a palette of colors. Choose a model that will match your promotional needs and get the undivided attention of everyone. No matter whether you use it in outdoor seating area or over the patio table, these umbrellas will look great and engage the audience with your brand while offering a cozy place for them to relax and enjoy their meals.

Patio umbrellas are weather resistant

Custom patio umbrellas are outdoor safe and made with waterproof materials. So,  by investing in patio umbrellas you will have a high visibility marketing tool that can be used during all times of the year. Just think of the impressions your brand on these umbrellas will make during the course of its life.

Patio umbrellas are Low Maintenance

Patio umbrellas are long lasing and can easily stand up to bad weather. So, marketers need not have to invest on its maintenance or renewal costs unlike conventional ads like billboards.  That is yet another reason for marketers to invest in custom patio umbrellas to get their message across far and wide.

Umbrellas are ecofriendly

Long lasting and reusable, patio umbrellas make ecofriendly handouts that will complement your branding theme. There are even models made of recycled materials, which reduces waste and manufacturing expenses alike. Choose interesting models like USB Solar Market Umbrellas with Valances that can charge two Smartphones or tablets at the same time. These solar charging USB umbrellas are fitted with a flexible solar panel and the USB charger is built into the pole for added convenience. 8oz UV treated Polyester canopy, and 6-panel construction is other highlights of these custom umbrellas.


No matter the kind of business you run, a patio umbrella will easily complement your marketing theme. It protects them from the sun and rain while waiting for your services are take a relaxing break after doing business with you. Patio umbrellas can be used for in-store and outdoor promotions. So you can fine tune your branding scope easily with these custom giveaways. You can print your brand name and marketing message over the canopy to pull customers in and get them talk about your brand.

Attract New Customers

Patio Umbrellas will enhance the appeal of your outdoor business by offering incredible choices in colors and styles. Choose models that complement your outdoor setting  and engage the prospects with your message. It is indeed a great way to make fresh leads while accentuating the charm of your space. When your customers have a wonderful experience with your brand, they will be inspired to come back more often.

Gain Increased Referrals

Brand promotion is not just about enhancing the customer experience, and making repeat business transactions with your brand; it is also about turning your regular clients into loyal fans of your brand. Every time they refer your brand to their friends and families, your brand exposure will go up to a new high

Did you know that people are 4x more likely to patronize a brand when referred by their friends?  Referrals carry an element of trust, which makes it more reliable than other commercial advertisements. In addition customers obtained through referrals are more likely to become your business advocates, which in turn will help you increase your customer base.

Umbrellas  Gives You an Edge Over Your Competitors

Patio umbrellas offer tremendous promotional opportunity for your outdoor branding. Your business can easily stand out and enjoy an  edge over your competitors.

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