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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Wedding Parasols- Add a Classic Charm to Your Wedding and Cool Your Guests Down

46 Ruffled Bridal Umbrella with Flower Gold Frame Wedding Party Shower Sun Parasol

Summer time sees an exponential rise in the number of outdoor and themed weddings. Summer weddings are dramatically beautiful. Brilliant sunshine, post card pretty settings and the most glorious wedding outfits put on parade- you could not have asked for more! However sun might not be fun for the attendees and to keep the guests […]

Fashion umbrellas are more of a style statement than just a weather wear item

44 inch Auto-Open Custom Logo Umbrella

Fashion umbrellas are anything but ordinary! These not just protect you from the lashing rain or sun fury but also make a perfect accessory that go well with your attires. The dramatic new shapes, vibrant prints and exquisite fresh designs will all make you go weak at your knees! Our fashion umbrella collection has literally […]

Oversized umbrellas will leave your logo bold and big in the minds of your customers

72 inch Arc Personalized Beach Umbrellas

Grab a Jumbo sized promotional umbrella when normal sized gifts just won’t do! Oversized umbrellas will make a great impact at any party, just because of the quirky shapes that are a tad different from customary shapes. Oversized umbrellas are one of the hottest picks for businesses that wish to put out their logo across […]

Beat the competitive typhoon with anti wind umbrellas

Personalized Orange 46 Arc Spectrum Umbrellas

Umbrellas that buckle under the lashing wind power have been one of the biggest challenges facing the people who step out in the rains. If you thought umbrellas that do not break or get blown inside out in the winds occur only in fantasies, here comes the unbeatable anti wind umbrellas from US Umbrellas. These […]

Logo imprinted personal umbrellas- Leave your personal touch on your branding

43 inch New York Subway Map Customized Umbrellas

Work, play or anything in between, these personal umbrellas will never fail to steal the show! As the name suggests, these umbrellas are exclusively used for personal uses. Sleek and short, these umbrellas fit into any purse or briefcase easily, which means that your recipients will be too happy to own these. These logo imprinted […]

Logo imprinted mini umbrellas- Good things come in small sizes

42inch ArcCustomSpring Breeze FoldingUmbrellas Red

Being pint sized doesn’t make these mini umbrellas any less overpowering to withstand rain or sun! Available in a palette of beautiful colors, mini umbrellas win hands down as promotional gifts and enjoy massive popularity all around the year. Everyone uses umbrellas and doesn’t mind getting more than one of these as freebies. Mini umbrellas […]

What makes summer the best time for personalized tote umbrellas?

custom printed umbrella

We think everyone around is hyped for summer as most people are already getting ready for parades, barbecues, camping and caravan holidays. So make sure that you are bang on time for your summer promotional campaign with this exciting range of personalized umbrellas that will make your brand work at high speed even during the […]

A few tips to choose perfect promotional umbrellas

Personalized Black & Red 62 inch Arc Wind Tamer Windproof Umbrellas

Summer is undeniably the time of outdoor fun, holidays and festivities. The schools are closed and the employees take a much deserved break from their work space to enjoy a family holiday and to soak up the outdoor fun. However summer season is never the time for the marketers to put their feet up as […]

Let your customers celebrate the patio season with our promotional umbrellas

6.5 ft Vinyl Customized Patio Umbrella w 13 Colors

If you thought umbrellas are only for those rain and shine days you could be in for a surprise. Umbrellas make potent promotional swag, stylish accessories and adorable gifts, party favors and much more. Remember the hot umbrella video of Rihanna and the foot tapping song featuring only umbrellas? If the popularity of Rihanna’s umbrella […]

Celebrate camping month by handing out personalized umbrellas to your clients

Personalized Lime Green 86 inch Arc Islander Beach/Patio Umbrellas

June is celebrated as camping month to encourage the people to get away from their work desks and to head out to the country side and pitch the tent. This is the perfect time of the year to experience the tranquility of camping out in the open world and to spend some quality time with […]