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Wedding Parasols- Add a Classic Charm to Your Wedding and Cool Your Guests Down

Summer time sees an exponential rise in the number of outdoor and themed weddings. Summer weddings are dramatically beautiful. Brilliant sunshine, post card pretty settings and the most glorious wedding outfits put on parade- you could not have asked for more! However sun might not be fun for the attendees and to keep the guests cool, you need to bring out those wedding parasols and personalized umbrellas.46 Ruffled Bridal Umbrella with Flower Gold Frame Wedding Party Shower Sun Parasol

Parasols have been exceptional attractions for weddings since time immemorial However, with the change in trends parasols too have evolved to be stylish and sleek to match the tastes of the brides and her fun loving friends. Parasols can pack in an oomph factor with its brilliant colors, frills and ruffle style design to even an otherwise simple wedding. These make delightful props for your wedding photos and can subtly match the theme of your wedding too. Smart couples even get innovative with these pretty parasols and use these as dance floor embellishments or to deck up the car.

Parasols and wedding umbrellas can also be used for other occasions like christening, bridal shower or even a day at the races to grab a few eyeballs and to create an impact!

If you are looking for some delightful wedding parasols that will infuse a fairy tale charm to your wedding, check out some of the popular models in our impressive collection of wedding umbrellas and parasols.

Personalized 46 inch Wedding Parasols Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffles Style will go exceptionally well with a vintage themed wedding and also make perfect gifts for bridal shower. This ruffles style umbrella makes an elite gift choice for families in all seasons due to its distinguished features – large 46” arc, automatic opening, elegant and elaborate floral ruffles, golden tips, frame and ferrule, deluxe tassel embellishment will make it a charming collector’s item that your guests will never like to part with! These wedding parasols will unfurl glimpses of the special day in the minds of your guests every time they see these beautiful creations. Add a personal touch to these parasols by imprinting your name, thank you messages or love quotes.

46 inch Ruffled Bridal Umbrella with Flower & Gold Frame Wedding Party Shower Sun Parasol is one of our top selling models. Though black is not a conventional color in wedding, this umbrella stands out for its beautiful color combination and spectacular finish. This flowery 46” big parasol is generally held by bridesmaids during the wedding ceremony or can be used for bridal shower parties. This automatic opening umbrella features an elaborate styling with flower ruffles, gold finished tips, frames and ferrule, and a tassel embellishment to give oodles of charm and elegance. So, if you are looking for something a bit extraordinary for your big day, this stunning parasol will be a perfect addition to your wedding shopping list!

46 inch Bridal Shower Wedding Red Floral Ruffles Umbrella Parasol With Gold Frame is a choicest gift during bridal shower parties because it is impossible not to fall in love with these masterpieces. This umbrella makes a good fashion accessory and a reliable shelter for the bridesmaids who share center stage with the coy bride. This large 46” arc and automatic umbrella will turn a few heads with its ornate styling complete with floral ruffles, deluxe tassel embellishment and dazzling golden finish well complemented with an opera style ebony wood handle. The couples can make use of the generous imprint area on these umbrellas to express themselves and to leave the best first impression in the minds of their guests.Personalized 46 Auto Open Flower Ruffles Style Red Fashion Umbrella

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