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Monthly Archives: May 2022

Umbrellas Are Great Marketing Investments

Umbrellas bring together the best of both the worlds of fashion and functionality in equal measures. Thus umbrellas make a popular choice among marketers for all types of events. Umbrellas may cost you a bit more than the run of the mill giveaways. However,  the incredible retention and functionality will make it a winning choice […]

Top Ways to Use Umbrellas For Marketing

Umbrellas are something everyone needs in their everyday lives. Apart from being a weather wear item, an umbrella is also a fashionable accessory and even props for most people. Available in a wide range of models and colors, umbrellas offer something special for everyone. Probably what makes logo umbrellas a great choice  is the incredible […]

Branding Potential of Logo Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrellas are a cut above the rest as it generates over 1,100 Impressions or more during its shelf life. The high visibility canopy of umbrellas will scream your brand and reminds everyone about your products that can lead to more sales for your company. Here are some solid reasons that make custom umbrellas a […]

How Umbrellas Fit All Your Promo Needs

Custom gifts like umbrellas are a great way to show your partners that you care about them. These elegant gifts will make a great reflection of your brand. Your recipients will subconsciously associate the quality of your giveaway. High visibility handouts like umbrellas are a smart investment considering the fact that these have the longest […]

How Custom Umbrellas Ensure 365 Days of Brand Promotion

Branded umbrellas ensure year round advertising at one time cost. Rain or shine, your message printed on the umbrellas canopy will get a lot of eyes. Thus you can give custom umbrellas as gifts  during any season as your brand gets exposure while the recipients stay safe from elements.   Here are some great ideas […]

Why Umbrellas Never fail As Promo Tools

 Umbrellas will grab easy attention of everyone even in a crowd thanks to its impressive colors and innovative models. Marketers looking for giveaways with a higher perceived value for their high value clients can think of umbrellas.  Firstly, umbrellas are not something your recipients will get every other day as free gifts. Secondly, umbrellas get […]

Impact of Logo Umbrellas as Giveaways

Sustainable marketing is the norm in today’s world to stand out in the competition. Marketers that wish to leave a lasting impression among the audience can consider long lasting and well retained handouts like umbrellas as their giveaways. The high perceived value of umbrellas may make some marketers think twice before investing in it. However, […]

Umbrellas-Brand Exposure Across Distances

Custom umbrellas will not just keep your recipients safe from bad elements but will help your brand gain incredible attention wherever your recipients go . Easy to customize, umbrellas make gifts with great perceived value. These elegant giveaways will fit even high end branding needs and the tastes of your elite clients. Build Image Custom […]

Umbrellas Make smart Corporate Gifts

Umbrellas are indeed useful promotional items and are  ideal as gifts during corporate or promotional events. Due to the  widespread use of umbrellas in the business world, they are even seen by many with a high perceived value. Everyone needs umbrellas to stay safe from elements. So, by handing out custom umbrellas you can literally […]

Why Invest in Your Own Custom Umbrellas

Everyone uses umbrellas a lot in their daily lives. Whether it is to stay safe from elements, as fashion accessories or props, umbrellas remain as one of the most widely used items in homes and offices. So, businesses can take advantage of umbrellas’ popularity by customizing it with their brand and message to turn it […]