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How Umbrellas Fit All Your Promo Needs

Custom gifts like umbrellas are a great way to show your partners that you care about them. These elegant gifts will make a great reflection of your brand. Your recipients will subconsciously associate the quality of your giveaway.

High visibility handouts like umbrellas are a smart investment considering the fact that these have the longest retention of 14 months among promotional giveaways. So, just think of the impressions your brand will make during this incredible period. Plus custom umbrellas remain out and about on the beach, picnic grounds and fairs, which in turn will take your message into a wider audience.

As contest giveaways

Can there be a better way to engage your audience with your business than hosting   an umbrella design contest?Umbrellas offer a brilliant canvas for your design and artwork to gain serious brand engagement over the course of the contest. Send home the winners with these beautifully designed umbrella gifts while you get some exceptional designs for your next spell of promotional campaigns.  

Charity Giveaways

Promotional umbrellas can also work as gifts for non-profit donors. It is the best way to make positive interactions with potential donors. Highly visible, umbrellas will make great talking topics among everyone as well. The more you generate awareness,  more popular will be your  fund raising event.

As Promotional products

Improve your sales and reach out to your clients with custom umbrellas. It will make them come back for more. Umbrellas will become tangible reminders of your brand by keeping your message in plain sight of your target audience.

As corporate gifts

Umbrellas will get used by your employees more than you think, thanks to its durability and lasting power. The generous imprint space of umbrellas will highlight your logo in a prominent way, and make your brand stand out in the competition.

High retention

Let’s be frank about it. Umbrellas are kept forever. People need it for bad weather days and even as fashionable outdoor accessories. Thus your message and logo on it will get a lot of attention for a long term, which makes it a branding wizard. Umbrellas are also useful to everyone and not just to any specific group of audience; because people need umbrellas at some point in their life.

Referral Gifts

Umbrellas last for a long time and will never go out of fashion because umbrellas are more functional than fancy items. The best part is that umbrellas last a long time. In bad weather while all types of outdoor promotions come to a standstill, custom umbrellas will continue to work for your brand nonstop!  

So, how do you think custom umbrellas will help you in business promotions?

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