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Why Invest in Your Own Custom Umbrellas

Everyone uses umbrellas a lot in their daily lives. Whether it is to stay safe from elements, as fashion accessories or props, umbrellas remain as one of the most widely used items in homes and offices.

So, businesses can take advantage of umbrellas’ popularity by customizing it with their brand and message to turn it into their marketing tools. The high portability and incredible visibility of umbrellas will ensure consistent brand impressions. Custom umbrellas will help you stand out in your business promotions.

Creative imprint space

The canopy of custom umbrellas will make a large canvas for you to place your logo, artwork and taglines in brilliant colors. A tastefully decorated umbrella will indeed grab easy attention of people around and will evoke a sense of curiosity in their minds. Custom umbrellas will take your message wherever your recipients go, which in turn will ensure assured return on investment for the marketers.


Custom umbrellas are useful and stylish alike.  Plus, it will make thoughtful gifts for your employees, clients and customers because everyone can use umbrellas for different purposes. So, can there be a better way to keep your message over their heads – literally!

Why umbrellas

Umbrellas are branded giveaways that people would cherish and retain for many years.  They are widely used all year round across the world. Umbrellas have  a retention of over 14 months, which make it one of the longest retained custom gifts.

Longer the lifespan of umbrellas, higher will be the use, and greater the marketing impact. Since umbrellas are  highly useful, it is likely that the friends and family members of your primary recipients will borrow and use them. Thus your brand exposure will go up manifold without any additional effort or investment.

Gifts with a high perceived value

Custom umbrellas indeed make the most desirable promotional gifts, thanks to its high utility and versatility. Branded umbrellas will make great giveaways during trade shows, charities, milestone events and more. As umbrellas are used by people on the move, these logo giveaways will work as walking billboard for your brand.

The incredible mobility of umbrellas gives it a strategic positioning and higher visibility than most other promotional items.  The best part is that logo umbrellas grab the attention of the audience easily and will engage the  audience you’re your message effectively.


Furthermore, umbrellas are versatile and generic, which makes it easy to share with everyone, regardless of age, gender and lifestyle. This in turn will increase the acceptance  of your brand and will make your promotions more effective.

Do you wish to make custom umbrellas your marketing swag?  Explore our complete line of logo umbrellas to choose a model that will match your promotional needs.

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