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Oversized umbrellas will leave your logo bold and big in the minds of your customers

Grab a Jumbo sized promotional umbrella when normal sized gifts just won’t do! Oversized umbrellas will make a great impact at any party, just because of the quirky shapes that are a tad different from customary shapes. Oversized umbrellas are one of the hottest picks for businesses that wish to put out their logo across a vast number of people. The massive size of the canopy and the eye catching colors will make these perfect options to promote all types of outdoor events and businesses like beach hotels, cafes, eateries, pubs and much more.

72 inch Arc Personalized Beach Umbrellas

The sheer visibility and exposure of these oversized logo imprinted umbrellas will simply make your logo the talk of the town literally! Imprint your logo, artwork, business message and other details that will arrest the attention of everyone from a long distance. If you wish to promote a special event or an awareness campaign, not many options will match the charm of these jumbo sized umbrellas that nobody can miss out anyway!

We have a range of oversized umbrellas for the beach, the greens or any outdoors. Here are a few unique employment options of these umbrellas that will give the best value for your advertising dime!

98 inch Arc Mariner Custom Market Umbrellas

Trade shows and fairs: 86 inch Arc Custom Promotional Umbrellas w/ 7 Colors is a perfect option to advertise the upcoming trade shows or fairs as these oversized umbrellas will attract the attention of a large number of potential customers that flock into a single place and will promote your brand. These oversized umbrellas can be imprinted with your logo and business message to make sure that everyone sees your logo.

Awareness programs: Oversized umbrellas make screaming billboards in promoting all types of awareness programs. These can be used to promote AIDS awareness, breast cancer week or blood donation drives to ensure maximum visibility and participation. After all, not many people can resist these giant umbrellas with bold imprints featuring your company message and the brand logo that will stir up an interest among the spectators in no time.

Golf tournaments: Golf tournaments attract the elite and the well heeled, which makes the golf courses a beehive of activities for the marketers during summer. Mostly big businesses participate in the golf leagues and these massive logo imprinted umbrellas make perfect picks to leave a lasting impression in your customers. People often retain and use these massive umbrellas for long, which in turn will ensure an extended lease of life for your brand. Check out this 82 inch Arc Vented Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors that will keep your logo on display in the links for a very long time.

Beach events: Summer is the time for beach fun and holidays. So, can there be a better promotional gift than these umbrellas to put the word out regarding your business? Promotional umbrellas not just shield the customers from sun but will also make your logo popular among the participants of beach events. 72 inch Beach Customized Logo Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors will be a perfect choice to make your beach shack or the nondescript juice stand out among the rows of shops in the crowded promenade of the beach. We bet, you will be surprised to see the difference it makes to your logo promotion.

Oversized umbrellas work best for marketers trying to gain a toe hold in the competitive market as these ensure instant attention of the crowd and brand popularity.

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