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Let your customers celebrate the patio season with our promotional umbrellas

If you thought umbrellas are only for those rain and shine days you could be in for a surprise. Umbrellas make potent promotional swag, stylish accessories and adorable gifts, party favors and much more. Remember the hot umbrella video of Rihanna and the foot tapping song featuring only umbrellas? If the popularity of Rihanna’s umbrella song is to believe umbrellas have surely evolved to be the hottest thing in town! (No pun intended :P)

6.5 ft Vinyl Customized Patio Umbrella w 13 Colors

Now that the summer season is on, people will be busy planning outdoor parties, picnics and holidays. Drive up the fun in the air by handing out these patio umbrellas from In a way it will be a subtle way of creating a Mediterranean vacation mood right at their backyard! Let your customers enjoy a sunny day by the poolside without any sun damage to their skin with these brightly colored patio umbrellas. Be it the fun seekers or the marketers who wish to make use of these sunny days to drive up their brand promotion, these patio umbrellas will be good options to consider. Though these are primarily used for outdoor recreation, patio umbrellas make wonderful promotional items as well as nothing will go unnoticed on the wide canopy of these outdoor logo imprinted umbrellas! These are perfect options to promote restaurants, hotels, cafes, promotional events, and coffee companies among others.

Personalized Red 7 ft PatioCaf Umbrellas

The bright and hot days will make it tempting for most holiday makers to laze out in the sun and soak up the sun. These patio umbrellas will provide a shady setting to enjoy the glory of outdoors at its best without compromising on the safety aspect of the holiday makers.

Our promotional patio umbrellas are available in a bevy of delightful colors and fabrics to suit your tastes and promotional needs. You can choose from scalloped, straight or café style patio umbrellas to match your branding theme. Imprint the bright colored canopy with your logo or business message and let your logo gain the attention of the world around.

Make your summer logo promotion a breeze without having to get yourselves baked in the scalding heat with these patio umbrellas.

Here are some of the popular models that can be considered

72 inch Reinforced Personalized Patio Umbrella w/ 6 Colors : This logoed promotional 8 panel 72” reinforced umbrellas make an elite promotional choice for outdoor eateries by beach side, restaurants, cafeteria, and outdoor wedding planners, who specialize in outdoor weddings. Available in a range of colors like black, forest green, navy blue, red, royal blue and white, these umbrellas will surely grab the eyeballs of the holiday crowd and will highlight your business message in style.

Durable 7 ft Custom Patio/ Cafe Umbrella w/ 5 Colors: If you believe in the axiom , bigger the better then you will find these patio umbrellas perfect options to be employed to boost your branding this summer. The sheer size of these umbrellas will make it stand tall even in crowded market places and the logo on the wide canopy won’t go unnoticed either. These patio umbrellas can be used to beat tough competition and to gain instant attention of the customers. These are well suited for spaces, which receives a high flow of customers like cafes, outdoor restaurants, cafeterias, pizzerias, catering units and hotels. Light in weight yet sturdy, these umbrellas are easily manageable too.

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