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Custom Rebel Reverse Umbrellas – Product spotlight

Umbrellas have undergone very little change in the basic design during their 300+ year history. Apart from being a functional item, custom umbrellas have evolved to be a fashion accessory and advertisement media. The simple design and ease of operation of umbrellas have gone a long way in retaining the popular design of umbrellas for many centuries. But after all these years, it is interesting to note that a few innovative changes are finally happening in the designs of umbrellas, much to the delight of the brollie fans!

48 Inch Arc Promotional Logo Rebel Umbrellas

Check out these rebel reverse umbrellas that will make a quirky promotional item this season. Anyone seeing these umbrellas for the first time will surely be surprised. This inverted full size umbrella has an unusual design where the canopy of the umbrella flips inside out, making it easier to close when entering or leaving a car and will prevent water from dripping out.

The rubberized finger grip handle and the easy to operate slide mechanism will add on to its popular features. The 100% polyester, anti-static material will make it long lasting and fit for daily use. The umbrella has an innovative 2 layer design comprising of a moisture wicking top layer and a bottom layer with unique vented pockets that allow the air to pass through. The canopy with black top layer and bottom inside layer in contrasting colors will make a great spectacle. The generous imprint area of these umbrellas will make it a highly visible billboard for you to place your brand and message. The interesting inverted design will turn it a popular talking topic among everyone and your message will get an extended audience.

Though this umbrella has the same manual open and close mechanism as the classic umbrella it folds in the opposite direction, closing away from you instead of towards you thereby keeping the rain water inside the umbrellas without spilling it over the head of the users as in the case of ordinary umbrellas, which makes it a great choice during car and train trips and while entering into your home or office.

The amazing folding mechanism will draw a lot of curious glances from around and people will be really interested to know from where to get this umbrella. The best part is that the vented design will make it stand up against high winds too. So, if you have been looking for an umbrella that looks a wee bit unique and performs awesome in all trying conditions, put your promotional dime on these logo umbrellas that are designed to last long and turn heads!

To sum it up, these custom umbrellas are not only trendy but highly functional as well. Designed to outsmart the traditional umbrellas, these reverse umbrellas truly live up to its expectations. Everyone will love these uniquely designed umbrellas that are yet to flood the market. Make sure to make these real show stoppers your promotional swag and enjoy the raves that follow!

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