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Custom Umbrellas- The Ultimate Advertising Billboard You Can Ever Ask For!

Custom umbrellas will get hundreds of people walk down the street with your brand well displayed over their heads. The best part is that your recipients would love to do it for free and feel happy about it! Logo imprinted umbrellas will make a great marketing tool to get your ideas across. Guess why?

37 inch Arc Folding Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 6 Colors

Here are some of the many features of custom umbrellas that make it a unique promotional item.

  • Custom umbrellas have an imprint area that can range from 42 inches to 100 square inches and everything in between! Not many custom gifts can match this!
  • Umbrellas ensure a 360 degree brand display as your brand can be printed on all panels.
  • Custom umbrellas will keep your brand hoisted high in the air and above the crowd for maximum visibility.
  • Umbrellas are offered in a bevy of attractive colors and prints. Choosing a color that works with your brand or corporate color is a cake walk!
  • Umbrellas make a highly useful daily use item that your recipients will use it in rain and shine alright. But did you know that people love to use trendy umbrellas as fashion props and accessories as well?

If you are planning to use custom umbrellas in your promotions, the following tips will be of help.
Choose from a range of high visibility Imprint options

Panel imprints

Custom umbrellas can be imprinted on one panel or multiple panels as per your needs. You can also opt for single color or multi color imprints for maximum visibility.

Inner Panel imprint

A smart way to grab the attention of the users is the imprint options on the inner side of the umbrellas. It ensures a subtle and understated way of advertisement for brands that do not find the massive imprint options outside appropriate. Every time your recipients use these logo umbrellas, your brand and message will get the maximum attention. You can imprint artwork, catchy taglines and brand message to keep the eyes of recipients glued on to your information literally!

Handle imprint

You can also place your brand message on the handle of the umbrella, which offers a subtle way of getting your brand message out and might be more appreciated by your users in the long run.

Case imprint

Custom umbrella models like 37 inch Arc Folding Custom Logo Umbrellas or 41 inch Arc Custom Personal Umbrellas among others that include a matching color case will offer case imprint options. The brand imprint on the case will be visible even when the umbrella is not in use!

Custom umbrellas make versatile and highly functional logo gifts choice for every genre of your customers irrespective of age or gender barriers. So, if you have been looking for a powerful marketing tool that will give you a panoramic brand display, look no further than custom umbrellas. Place bulk orders to get the best deals. Shop right away!

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