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Save the Day of Your Customers And Your Brand All At Once With Custom Umbrellas

Seasonal gifts make a popular trend in promotional products. So, make sure not to miss this fashion trend by handing out logo umbrellas. The wide canopy offers a perfect canvas for all your messages and logo while the countless models and colors will ensure ample choices for marketers even on a small budget. It’s a win-win product, which makes a perfect choice for businesses like hospitality, health care, beauty and spa among others. Logo imprinted umbrellas are good choices as tradeshow handouts, holiday season gifts and loyalty gifts among others.

Let’s be open about it. Everyone needs umbrellas at home, office or in their cars. So, your recipients will only be glad to get custom umbrellas year after year even if you choose to stick this gift idea every time. Designed to last long, umbrellas are an all weather item that your recipients will use all round the year. The best part is that they may share it with friends or family on a bad weather day, which means that your logo will set off word of mouth publicity.

The Big Advantage of Promotional Umbrellas

  • Choose custom umbrellas that complement your corporate theme for an added impact.
  • Logo umbrellas offer a range of printing options including panel or the whole canopy printing to match your promotional needs and budget.

Here are some of the most common personalized umbrellas doing the rounds this season

Fashion umbrellas : If you thought umbrellas are practical weather wear items, you could be in for a surprise to read about these trending fashion umbrellas, which make as fashion props and accessories. These can also be considered as wedding favors and personal gifts as there is a multitude of irresistible options to choose from including clear bubble umbrellas, executive umbrellas and 2 tone umbrellas among others47 Inch Arc Promotional Clear Bubble Umbrellas with Hook Handle

Golf umbrellas : These massive umbrellas that are commonly used in golf greens can hold 2- 3 people under them. The wooden handles, the steel rims and an arc spanning 50 to 68 inches will make it a sturdy and imposing billboard for your brand. These can be used for promoting special offers, holiday deals and to publicize any other message to the maximum audience as these massive umbrellas are hard to overlook even in crowded places.46 Inch Arc Custom Logo Executive Umbrellas

Standard umbrella : These normal umbrellas are probably the most popular among all the models. Light weight and foldable, these umbrellas ensure the ultimate visibility and portability for your logo as everyone uses umbrellas daily. These custom umbrellas can go a long way in helping businesses market their products and services.48 inch Arc Custom Standard Umbrellas

A custom umbrella can be designed to promote products, to spread awareness or to raise funds for charity events and community activities among others. Logo umbrellas can also be used in trade shows, restaurants, fairs and festivals to put your logo on a parade as these shield your customers from rain or shine. So, what are you waiting for? Place your orders right away as the outdoor holidays are right here!

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