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How Market Umbrellas Make Budget Friendly Promo Gifts?

Custom umbrellas have been traditional methods of publicity. We all have seen it at the markets, golf greens, beaches and infact anywhere where the marketers need to grab the attention of passerby. The wide canopy and the attractive colors of market umbrellas make it a great form of advertisement during outdoor promotions and events like fairs, exhibitions, carnivals and festivals.

The best part is that market umbrellas can be used all year long to promote services and products. Imprint your logo and message on these and you are ready with a hard hitting promotional tool that can work wonders to promote hospitality industry, automobile manufacturers and even private broadcasters among others.

These Market Umbrellas when pitched in crowed locations and vantage spots like bus stations and railway platforms will surely turn a few heads and make your logo the talk of the town. Subtle and non intrusive, these promotional gifts ensure regular brand impressions at easy rates.

Typically, three types of market umbrellas including aluminum, wooden, and fiberglass are used for marketing purposes. If you are keen to know about the advantages and disadvantages of these, here is a quick run through.

Aluminum – One of the most popular types of frames, aluminum is well suited for all types of fabrics. Light weight and durable, these are long lasting and budget friendly. Check out this personalized half market umbrella from US umbrella, which will make a perfect market umbrella in Aluminum.3 Panel 3.5 Rib Length Personalized Half Market Umbrella

Wooden – Classic yet heavy, these umbrellas make good options to promote period furniture or heritage homes. These can easily support heavy fabrics such as suede, satin, and velvet unlike aluminum frames. These customized wooden market umbrellas in a palette of 5 attractive colors will bring in the desired attention towards your business. A logoed custom 7” wood square promotional market umbrella offers cooling and shading in the areas with extreme temperature conditions and helps marketers to save on big budget marketing billboards.7 ft Wood Square Promotional Market Umbrella

Fiberglass – The trending choice in outdoor umbrellas, custom fiberglass umbrellas are resistant to salt corrosion and can be used in all kinds of climatic conditions, particularly in locations beside the sea. These can be used effectively to promote seaside resorts, beach restaurants, and coastal shanties. Fiberglass is also sturdier than wood or aluminum and hence could be used in windy areas.Personalized Red 100 inch Arc Large Ten Panel Patio/ Beach Umbrellas with Fiberglass Frame

US Umbrellas has a range of logo umbrellas that can be customized to meet your marketing needs. Market umbrellas ensure maximum visibility at easy prices, which makes it a popular choice among marketers with a shoe string budget. The best thing is that these umbrellas retain their charm and popularity for a very long time, which means that your brand will enjoy a consistent wide angle display without any concerted effort or repeat investment.

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