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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Make your Outdoor wedding moments special with custom wedding umbrellas

Personalized 46 Auto Open Flower Ruffles Style White Fashion Umbrella

An outdoor wedding idea is hard to resist for anyone who is a nature enthusiast and a die-hard romantic! The wedding planners come up with dime a dozen tips and tricks for the couple to make their red letter day truly special. However, if you are looking for value added gifts that your guests treasure […]

Make an impression with these brightly colored custom umbrellas

44 inch Auto Open Custom Printed Full Color Umbrellas

Vivid colors, bright impressions and large canopies can attract the attention of the customers easily by making your branding campaign stand out in the crowd. These brightly colored custom umbrellas make ideal gifting ideas for small and medium sized business owners who wish to create an impact and an interest among the customers without compromising […]

Five custom umbrellas that stand out for their features

custom logo umbrella

National Umbrella Day was celebrated across the nation on February 10th when people honored umbrella for being a convenient accessory all through their lives. An umbrella not just keeps the sun and rain away but can also be used as a fashion accessory, a prop or even a business promotional aid to put some wind […]

Custom umbrellas from 30” to 70”- nothing is impossible in brand promotion

custom logo umbrella

Come rain or shine be there for your customers with these exquisite custom umbrellas that come in an amazing range of sizes. Choose from sizes ranging from a sleek 30” canopy to a massive 100” to cater to all your promotional and branding needs. US Umbrellas has a stunning range of custom umbrellas of different […]

Custom market umbrellas- Great promotional gifts for seasonal promotional campaigns

Aluminum 7 ftx4 Panel Square Personalized Market Umbrella

Custom market umbrellas hold the cue for a successful summer promotional campaign for advertisers who are always on the pursuit on novel ideas. Seasonal promotions always have been delightful options to turn the change of seasons in the favor of marketers and to infuse an element of vitality to the marketing campaigns. Custom market umbrella […]

Custom market umbrellas – Get noticed even in crowded streets

82 Arc Tropical Personalized Market Umbrellas

The name tells it all- the big and bold custom market umbrellas are designed to arrest the attention of the onlookers even in crowded street markets. If you are looking for a bright and brilliant theme to add a stroke of liveliness in a duller promotional campaign, these custom market umbrellas would be good options. […]

Custom Folding Umbrellas- the sleek and trendy gifting ideas

42 Inch Arc Custom Printed Folding Canada Umbrellas

For companies that are looking for a novel brand promotion option, foldable umbrellas would serve as a viable alternative. Available in an exciting range of colors and patterns, the custom folding umbrellas are well sought after for their attractive prices as well. Promotional umbrellas work out way cheaper than news paper ads and TV or […]

Custom fashion umbrellas- stay in tune with the changing trends

Penguin Shaped Personalized Logo Umbrellas

Umbrellas not just offer protection from weather blues but also enhance the fashion statement of those who use these . Available in a range of colors, designs and prints, custom umbrellas make wonderful promotional gifts for your customers. These umbrellas suit the bills of advertisers and individuals who wish to acknowledge their fashion conscious clientele. […]

Custom beach umbrellas –attract the beach enthusiasts with a bang

72 inch Arc Economy Beach Umbrella

Custom beach umbrellas are delightful options to add specks of colors to any outdoor event or vacation. These classic beach umbrellas are just right for an interesting day out in the beach and to draw a few eyeballs of your targeted customers hitting the beach. Available in a range of attractive colors, these umbrellas are […]

Brace up for the April Showers with Custom umbrellas

72 Reinforced Personalized Patio Umbrella

April showers are not all about fresh flowers, green sprouts of grass and fresh earthy smell all around , but also make great reasons to promote custom umbrellas. From the Ditta Maglia customized cult umbrellas that are featured in the Vogue Fashion magazine to the custom umbrellas that make seasonal gifts from high street fashion […]