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Make your Outdoor wedding moments special with custom wedding umbrellas

An outdoor wedding idea is hard to resist for anyone who is a nature enthusiast and a die-hard romantic! The wedding planners come up with dime a dozen tips and tricks for the couple to make their red letter day truly special. However, if you are looking for value added gifts that your guests treasure all their life, not many options can match the charm of custom wedding umbrellas.

Personalized 46 Auto Open Flower Ruffles Style White Fashion Umbrella

Available in a range of exquisite patterns and color combinations, these umbrellas will leave the beauty of your wedding moments engraved in the minds of the guests forever. You can imprint romantic messages, names of the couple, images or cartoons on these umbrellas to add up to the mood in the air. The best part is that most people would love to keep these stylish accessories for a very long time and every time they take out these customized umbrellas on a bad weather day, it would bring back the memories of your wedding day. US Umbrellas has an interesting range of custom wedding umbrellas to match the diverse tastes and budget of the couples.

Promotional 60 Golf Pink Umbrella

Here are some of the most popular models in this category.

wedding parasols Make your wedding moments a larger than life experience with these colorful and giant parasols which stand out for their ornate designs and eye catchy colors and patterns. Being offered at attractively low prices, you can even win discounts by ordering them in large numbers. These make not just a great choice for rain, but make a great fashion accessory as well.

60” Wedding Party Umbrella These eye popping umbrellas with its large 60” arc make perfect gifts to families as it can easily shelter as many as four people with ease. The wooden handle adds up to its retro charm while the double ribbed frame makes it a safe bet for the windy outdoors and drizzles. Gift it at the venue or during any pre-wedding events and see your popularity take a surge in your social circles.

54” Bell-Shape White Wedding Umbrella A perfect gift for a church wedding, this custom umbrella subtly complements the sanctity of a church wedding and the chiming wedding bells. This large yet delicate umbrella is perfect for gifting for both indoor and outdoor weddings. The clear canopy design gives a clear view of and also makes it matching with the grand wedding attires of the guests.

43 inch Wedding Favor UmbrellaPersonalized43” wedding favor umbrella makes a wonderful gift not just during the outdoor wedding ceremony but for many years ahead. This automatic open wedding favor umbrella with its 43” arc nylon canopy shrinks to 15” on folding and possess steel windproof frame. The imprint area can carry thanking messages that would ensure a personal touch to these gifting ideas. This wedding favor umbrella can be gifted during the intimate family events such as bridal shower, bride’s night out party and bachelor’s party, etc.

39” Mini Arc Super Slim UmbrellaThe sleek and super slim framed umbrella would be in the spotlight as much as the couple on their wedding day for its drop dead gorgeous looks. It is available in a palette of vivid colors including gray, forest green, maroon, black, and others apart from the ever popular color choice of white. Match it with the season or the theme of your wedding for added impact.

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