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Custom market umbrellas- Great promotional gifts for seasonal promotional campaigns

Custom market umbrellas hold the cue for a successful summer promotional campaign for advertisers who are always on the pursuit on novel ideas. Seasonal promotions always have been delightful options to turn the change of seasons in the favor of marketers and to infuse an element of vitality to the marketing campaigns.

Aluminum 7 ftx4 Panel Square Personalized Market Umbrella

Custom market umbrella is all set to GO to promote your brand. These stylish umbrellas not just increase your goodwill by shielding your customers from the summer sun but also highlight your brand and enhance the exposure of your business. Market umbrellas are available in various patterns and price ranges and in case you are wondering on how to pick up a market umbrella that suits your needs, here are a few tips that could guide you.

Types of market umbrellas
Market umbrellas are available in two varieties including the traditional garden umbrellas and market style umbrellas. The former ones are bell shaped and these can be laid on patio tables or in sand. These are delightful promotional ideas for roof top cafeterias and outdoor eateries as these grab instant attention from passerby for their brilliant colors and wide canopy that shouts out your brand name. Eateries with space constraints can settle for rib length half market umbrellas that are excellent space savers and brand highlighters alike.

If you are looking for something that is delightfully different from the run of the mill stuff, you cannot afford to miss out these triangular or rectangular shaped umbrellas. These are inspired by the charming design of the erstwhile market umbrellas that were used in European open markets by marketers to shade their produces and vegetables. The canopy-topped posts with wind vents and straight edges make these custom umbrellas star attractions for any open space marketing or to grab the attention of the customers in a crowded street. A market umbrella ensures a snappy makeover to your business apart from ensuring the much deserved shade for large spaces from adverse elements without spending a fortune.

9 ftx8 panel personalized Tulip Market Umbrella with Crank

Market umbrellas are rated according to their stand, frame and canopy.

Frame : Market umbrellas come with both wooden and metal frames. The wooden frames are created from timber woods such as teak, hardwood or mahogany. Metal frames are light weight and durable and will be cheaper than the wooden frames. Metal frames are available in steel, aluminum, and chrome of which Aluminum is the most popular choice.

Canopy: There are dime a dozen choices in canopy materials including vinyl, polyester, and acrylic canopies, which are stain and shrink resistant and do not require much maintenance. Canopies are available in various colors and patterns like paneled and striped designs, which help the marketers to draw instant attention even in crowded street markets.

User friendly features: It is recommended to opt for umbrellas that are easy to operate and transport. Market umbrellas are pricier than regular promotional umbrellas so make sure that the umbrella comes with warranty to ensure adequate risk coverage.

Market umbrellas that have always been around for a long time continue to lure the hearts of marketers and customers alike with their high visibility and dramatic charm. If you are looking for a one stop solution for your marketing woes, opt for these delightful market umbrellas that can ensure instant recognition to even nondescript spaces and shops.

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