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Custom Folding Umbrellas- the sleek and trendy gifting ideas

For companies that are looking for a novel brand promotion option, foldable umbrellas would serve as a viable alternative. Available in an exciting range of colors and patterns, the custom folding umbrellas are well sought after for their attractive prices as well. Promotional umbrellas work out way cheaper than news paper ads and TV or radio promotional campaigns and it has a high visibility among the masses. People love to receive innovative and trendy gifts that keep them in good stead among their friends. They love to show off these custom umbrellas wherever they go and every time they take out these sleek umbrellas , your brand image get an instant spur!

42 Inch Arc Custom Printed Folding Canada Umbrellas

Folding umbrellas are quite popular among customers for their sleek and handy design that enable them to carry it wherever they go. It enables the people to get braced up to face sudden downpours and unpredictable climatic conditions. Folding promotional umbrellas make effective promotional tools for companies which cater to women and children. All you need to do is to imprint your tagline and logo and let the brand promotion gets into top gear.

Printed umbrellas help the people to remember the name of your company as they see it whenever they open out the umbrellas. Promotional umbrellas have good visibility and will attract a few eyeballs, which will take care of the brand promotion as well. These can be handed out in events held at beaches, parks and other open places where you can expect a heavy crowd. Folding umbrellas are good options for marketers who are unique about their gifting choices and customer’s preferences.

56 Inch Arc Customized Telescopic Folding Umbrellas

Forget about the seasonal promotional themes and gifts as these attractive custom foldable umbrellas ensure steady visibility and brand promotion in summer and showers alike. People love to retain value added and functional gifts and once you keep the customers happy with the choicest gifts, you are rest assured of a successful brand promotion.

Here are some unique foldable umbrella options that would let your promotional campaigns gather steam!

Undercover Plaid Design Folding Umbrella
Pack a style to the accessories of your customers by gifting them custom 46″ auto-open undercover plaid design folding umbrella. The expansive canopy arc and the striking undercover plaid design are the highlights of this folding umbrella. Being made available in a matching fabric case, this foldable umbrella makes delightful and functional gifts for all types of customers. It takes someone with a heart of stone to pluck their eyes off this stunning folding umbrella that ensures maximum visibility for your brand.

The umbrella could automatically open and it measures up to 17” long. Round wood handle with wrist strap and round black shaft are the structural features of these promotional folding umbrellas. It is available with a matching fabric case. The promotional 46″ auto-open undercover plaid design folding umbrella gives a great new look in the appearance of your customer.

Telescopic Folding Umbrellas
Let not the dry and wet weather conditions dampen the pace and pulse of campaign by employing these custom 42 inch arc telescopic folding umbrellas! These are designed for those who mean serious business as it evens off its low profile appearance with its impeccable ability to offer a complete shelter, when stretched over the heads. Perfect options for marketing during spring and summers, when people struggle through rain and unexpected showers, these custom umbrellas are available in many attractive colors as well.

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