Personalized Umbrellas for Your Wedding Party Favors

Whenever someone thinks about a white wedding or a theme wedding, a beautifully decorated umbrella is one thing that snaps into mind. Wedding umbrellas are used for different purposes – they become a precious accessory when carried by a beaming bridesmaid, they make a wonderful decoration item around the venue and they easily become a wonderful gifting favor during wedding bashes. If you are looking for some personalized umbrellas for wedding party favors, then following choices can aid you in long run –

Personalized Umbrellas for Your Wedding Party Favors

  • Parasol – White, red, blue, beige or pink – the choice is simply yours. It makes a wonderful gifting choice during bridal shower. Brides can hand it over to their friends and peers who have agreed to follow them on their special day.
  • Bell Shape White Wedding Umbrella – These umbrellas are crispy white and  perfectly gel with the theme of white wedding. You can consider them for gifting during a bridal shower party.
  • Raindrops Wedding Favor Umbrella – This umbrella makes a wonderful gifting choice for marketers who are trying to attract their guests in a special way. Raindrops effect on the umbrella will always keep on reminding a user about that special day and will make them stand unique in the crowd.
  • White Umbrella – Wedding is a sacred event and it is marked with mix of traditional and cultural rituals. White is considered an extremely sacred color and it is largely included in the wedding trousseau of bride and groom. Gifting away a standardized white umbrella is a best way to complement the heat of festivities. Your extended family and guests who receive it on your special day would treasure it as a token of acknowledgement.
  • Telescopic Folding Umbrellas– These are preferred for gifting on different occasions and they make a wonderful wedding favor gift, too. Many couples seek them in warm or light colors to match the colors of celebration. It can be handed out individually or they can be included within some acknowledgement gift bags handed out to guests during or after wedding.  This umbrella is always a welcome gift and people always treasure them because it is always manageable within their pockets, or purses.
  • Alternating Panels – White alternate panels in warm colors make a wonderful choice for wedding favor umbrella. You can hand them out to close coterie of friends and guests who took time out of their busy schedules to grace your special day.

Remember every that umbrella, which possesses elegance, charm, grace and high utility is fit to be offered as a wedding favor gift. It serves as a perfect reminder of your big day and people always love to associate it with memories.

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