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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Kids Umbrellas – pleasing to the eyes

39 Inch Arc Personalized Kids Umbrellas with Hook Handle

Sometimes an umbrella can be plain and boring and no kid would love to have that. In today’s unpredictable weather, even children should have their own umbrella. You will never know when the rain pours and we want you and your children to be ready during these times. Some umbrellas are only for adults due […]

Know What Makes Our Great Deals Stand Out

41 inch Arc Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 10 Colors

One of the techniques to be able to gather more customers, get more sales and create attention is by offering discounts or great deals. Do you know that when your business or company offers great deals, it can become a tool to make your business successful? As a business owner, you have an idea what […]

Stay ahead in Competition With These Golf Umbrellas

58 Inch Arc Custom Vented Folding Umbrellas

There are already many styles and designs of umbrellas that are out in the market today. Some are small, some are easy to keep, some are affordably priced and some are a bit expensive. There are so many choices that will confuse you but you have to ask yourself what you need to keep your […]

These Folding Umbrellas Will Increase Your Customers More Than You Can Ever Imagine

Personalized 41 inch Full-size Manual Open Folding Umbrella

Umbrellas were made in order to keep people from getting wet or getting burned in the sun. Who would have thought that these custom umbrellas have become powerful promotional tools? There are many styles that you can choose from and one of these is the Folding Umbrellas. Each umbrella style comes with its own distinction […]

What Do These Promotional Beach Umbrellas Really Do?

Personalized 84 inch Wind Proof Patio Umbrella w/ 7 Colors

Planning to promote your company or services can become a very daunting task especially when there are so many choices in the market today. As a business owner, we understand that you cannot just simply jump into things right away and that is why we are here to gladly help you out. Promotional umbrellas have […]

Be Efficient With Your Promotions Using These Auto Open And Close Umbrellas

41 Inch Arc Personalized Auto Open Folding Umbrellas with Hook Handle

In the past , umbrellas used to have a long stick and can only be opened manually. In today’s generation though, the designs and styles of umbrellas have changed. One of the innovations they did to the umbrellas is the auto open and close feature. Auto Open and Close Umbrellas are one of the most […]

How Custom Umbrellas Take the Sting Out Of Summer for your recipients

41 Inch Arc Personalized Auto Open Folding Umbrellas with Hook Handle

There are scores of products that can be employed for summer promotional campaigns. But one product that companies always return to is promotional umbrellas as these are essential items to stay safe from direct sunlight. During summer the risk of UV exposure and sunburn will be all time high and that is where promotional umbrellas […]

Custom Umbrellas Will Keep Your Recipients Covered By Exposing Your Brand

46 Inch Arc Customized Auto Open Basic Clear Umbrellas

11th may pimGone are the days when holiday makers used to hold off their holiday plans during inclement weather or marketers used to plan their promotional events as per weather conditions. The hectic pace of modern life has made it imperative for everyone to be always well prepared and to get on with their lives […]

A Few Sound Reasons Why Promotional Umbrellas Impress All Your Recipients

44 inch Auto-Open Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 29 Colors

Umbrellas may be seasonal and one may not think about it until they need one! However, umbrellas may be needed anytime anywhere to stay safe from adverse weather elements. This has what added up to the popularity of custom umbrellas. As per the 2016 global brand impressions study of the Advertising Specialty Institute 25 percent […]

Combine Fun And Functionality With These Wedding Umbrellas On Your Wedding Day

Customized 46 inch Arc Wedding Favor Umbrella

Are you a soon bride to be? Planning a wedding is always challenging. There are so many things to do on the checklist and that includes checking the weather on the day of your wedding ceremony. One thing that you have to look into is the weather on the wedding day especially when the wedding […]