Custom Umbrellas Will Keep Your Recipients Covered By Exposing Your Brand

11th may pimGone are the days when holiday makers used to hold off their holiday plans during inclement weather or marketers used to plan their promotional events as per weather conditions. The hectic pace of modern life has made it imperative for everyone to be always well prepared and to get on with their lives without being influenced by adverse weather elements.

So, businesses come up with essential items like custom umbrellas in their promotional merchandise to make sure that their recipients are never caught off guard by the unpredictable weather conditions. The global weather patterns too have undergone a drastic change over the years, which have made logo items like umbrellas all the more popular.

Where to employ promotional umbrellas

  • Custom umbrellas can be used to promote a new campaign, announce product launch, holiday deals or special offers.
  • Umbrellas make excellent employee gifts as these daily use items are something nobody can resist
  • If you are looking for an effective tradeshow handout that will enjoy a high retention, look no further than custom umbrellas.

To ensure a long retention, choose trending models and attractive color choices that will surely turn a few heads on the beach, on the subway or in the park. These attractive umbrellas will even make an interesting conversation topic for your recipients in their social circle.

Here are a few popular models of promotional umbrellas that can be considered for your promotional events.

Custom clear umbrellas: Add a dramatic charm to your brand promotions by handing out these transparent umbrellas that will let your recipients see the rain without getting wet. It is a great show stopper in tradeshows and are well-liked by recipients of all age groups. Give a spectacular view of the rain and your message alike with these successful logo items.46 Inch Arc Customized Auto Open Basic Clear Umbrellas

Full color umbrellas: Everyone loves colored items as it will earn them a few eyeballs! These full color umbrellas are not just practical but make a trendy accessory, a photo shoot prop and even a garden or patio décor item. See how easily these colored umbrellas will ensure more visibility for your brand.44 Inch Auto Open Custom Printed Full Color Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors

Custom Mini umbrellas Looking for an umbrella model that your customers will never resist? Look no further than these custom mini umbrellas. Available in a range of colors and patterns these will fit easily into a handbag or briefcase and your customers will love these handy items that will keep them well prepared against unexpected weather elements.Custom Logo imprinted Mini 39 inch Arc Custom Umbrellas

We have an impressive collection of custom umbrellas in various models and color choices, which your recipients will surely love. The wide canopy can carry your logo, message and artwork in style, which means your message will be seen even from a distance. Choose the right colors and imprint your contact details in big fonts to make it a hard hitting promotional tool.

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