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One of the techniques to be able to gather more customers, get more sales and create attention is by offering discounts or great deals. Do you know that when your business or company offers great deals, it can become a tool to make your business successful? As a business owner, you have an idea what this is about right? You want to give your loyal customers the best deal that your company has to offer so that they become happy and satisfied clients. Well, same goes here that is why we at offer Great Deals to everyone.41 inch Arc Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 10 Colors

Check it here on what our great deal has to offer.

All umbrellas offered are very affordable
Price ranges from $3.99 to $17.07 per piece. Plus, you can get discounts when you plan to order it in wholesale. You might probably be thinking that a $3.99 custom umbrella will surely have a bad material quality because it is very cheaply priced. Well, we are proud to say that even if our custom umbrellas start at these rates, we can assure you that it comes with the same quality of materials to those that are highly priced. For example, Our 41 Inch Arc Custom Logo Umbrellas With 10 Colors are made of polyester fabric. Now, that is a great deal right?

All custom umbrellas are made of quality materials
Even though these umbrellas are cheaply priced, we can never sacrifice the quality of the materials we use on each custom umbrella. We commonly use two types of materials on all of our custom umbrellas. These are:

-> Polyester fabric – this type of fabric is very durable and can be used both during wet or hot days. This material makes the umbrella to be tear-resistant and wrinkle free. This type of material also reduces shrinking so even if these custom umbrellas are used on a daily basis, you can have the assurance that it will never easily tear, break apart or shrink.

-> Nylon – this material have been known to withstand different temperatures and that is why it is best to be used on umbrellas. Also, nylons are strongly resistant to abrasion and flexing. An umbrella is a tool to be used to prevent someone from being wet from the rain and the nylon material is good of doing that. This material absorbs little or no water even during a heavy downpour at the same time when you need to keep your umbrella you do not have to wait for it to dry since it dries fast. Same as the polyester fabric, nylon is also resistant to wrinkle at the same time it has an excellent elasticity. Even when this umbrellas is exposed to the heat of the sun or to the heavy rain daily, you need not worry because it can withstand all that and it can even resist chemicals or oils.

Free art set up and free online design proof
Since we always aim for customer satisfaction before anything else, we have come up with these two freebies. If you are not very good at setting up the design or editing the art, our graphic designers are ready to assist you. If you are not satisfied with the first design given to you, you can always edit it without additional charges because again, we aim for customer satisfaction first.

Now, are not those deals great enough for you? You may call us at our toll free number at 888-254-5290 if you have more questions. You have come at the right place and at the right time. Make these custom umbrellas as your promotional tools today because 69% of consumers would pick up a useful promotional product. Choose any of our umbrellas under our great deals category and we are confident that you will be able to find what you need.

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