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Be Efficient With Your Promotions Using These Auto Open And Close Umbrellas

In the past , umbrellas used to have a long stick and can only be opened manually. In today’s generation though, the designs and styles of umbrellas have changed. One of the innovations they did to the umbrellas is the auto open and close feature.

Auto Open and Close Umbrellas are one of the most convenient and brilliant invention. By just a touch of single button, the umbrella automatically opens and closes. This is very helpful especially when users encounter a sudden heavy rain. All they have to do is just grab it from their bag and press the button and they will then be covered from the rain. Convenient, right?41 Inch Arc Personalized Auto Open Folding Umbrellas with Hook Handle

There are already a lot of stores that offers these promotional umbrellas but we want to show you why our products has more advantage than our competitors.


  • If you are not really good at making a design for your promotional item, we can help you with that. Our graphic designers are readily available to assist you on your concerns. Does your art work needs a little editing or do you need an artwork from scratch? No problem because we are readily available to assist you. We aim for customer satisfaction and that is why on all aspects of our services we make sure that you will be assisted well.


  • We only charge when you approve the final proof we give you, otherwise you can still edit or change your design or colors without any additional costs. We aim not only to gain profit but we always prioritize customer satisfaction and that is why we offer this online digital proof because we want to make sure that you will be satisfied with the proof that we release.


  • We believe that we are the only ones who offer promotional umbrellas at a very low price. All our umbrellas only range from $2.99 to $18.00 and all of these are made of high quality materials.


  • If ever you will come across any product from our competitors. Products that belong to the same genre and are offered at a lower price than ours, you can get a 5% credit from us. Here is the process on how to claim your 5%.
    -> Submit a copy of the proof of the prices matched. You can send the link through our email.
    -> We will be the ones to contact them when we already have the proper details.

We believe that when you put your money in these promotional umbrellas, your money will surely not go waste because when you invest in useful items, people keep it for a longer period of time. Based on a survey, about 69% of consumers will gladly receive a promotional item if it is useful and consumers hold on to promotional products for an average of 6.6 months or even longer. Help your business grow by investing in these affordable and useful promotional umbrellas.

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