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These Folding Umbrellas Will Increase Your Customers More Than You Can Ever Imagine

Umbrellas were made in order to keep people from getting wet or getting burned in the sun. Who would have thought that these custom umbrellas have become powerful promotional tools? There are many styles that you can choose from and one of these is the Folding Umbrellas.Personalized 41 inch Full-size Manual Open Folding Umbrella

Each umbrella style comes with its own distinction and advantages and the advantages you can get from these folding umbrellas are listed below.

  1. It comes in a small size if not the perfect size of a custom umbrella that can fit a tote bag or a purse.
  2. Since this custom umbrella comes in a smaller size compared to the other style, it gives the users the convenience to easily store it.
  3. Compared to other styles, this custom umbrella is lightweight. Everyone will surely love to carry around an umbrella with them but they do not want carry an extra weight, right? That is why these folding umbrellas are perfect for daily use because users will not even know they have it with them since it can be easily and conveniently carried.
  4. This type of custom umbrella commonly comes in colored prints and attractive designs.

Here are samples of our folding umbrellas.

    This custom umbrella comes with a matching fabric case. It has a matte black handle with a 41” canopy arc. This can be personalized which means that you can have your business name or logo imprinted.
    This comes with a plastic molded handle and a polyester material so that it can withstand heat and rain. It has an automatic open and hence it is easy to use. This is offered at a very affordable price plus you can avail discounts when you order these in wholesale.

So, how do these custom umbrellas bring your business more referrals or more customers? Well, the solution is very easy and simple. You invest in these custom umbrellas today, hand it out to your loyal or satisfied customers and see how your new customers will increase. Promotional items such as these custom umbrellas create impact way more than you can ever imagine. It has been proven based on a study that promotional products draw as many as 500% more referrals from satisfied customers compared to any other type of marketing. So do not waste any more time. Start increasing your customers by handing these custom umbrellas to your loyal customers and see the results in no time

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