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Combine Fun And Functionality With These Wedding Umbrellas On Your Wedding Day

Are you a soon bride to be? Planning a wedding is always challenging. There are so many things to do on the checklist and that includes checking the weather on the day of your wedding ceremony. One thing that you have to look into is the weather on the wedding day especially when the wedding will be held outdoors. Those planning for a summer wedding cannot be really sure that their wedding day will have a fair weather. That is why we have included in our category the printed Wedding Umbrellas because it is a necessity for every wedding ceremony.

These printed wedding umbrellas are perfect for those who plan to have an outdoor wedding. These can be used in either on a very hot or rainy day. You know nowadays, the weather has become very unpredictable. You might want to get married during the summer but you will never now it might rain buckets on the day of your wedding. So that is why we are here, we want to make you happy and your wedding day perfect and memorable.

You see, printed umbrellas are not just functional but they add up fun to your wedding as it becomes a beautiful accessory or a wedding favor. Under our printed wedding umbrella category, we have 14 styles that you can choose from and a few of it are listed below:

  1. Customized 46 Inch Arc Wedding Favor Umbrella
    -> It can be availed for as low as $5.13 which is a perfect price for wedding favors so as not to burden your pockets.
    -> Its color is clear making it easy to blend into different themes and motif of the wedding.
    -> It offers an imprint area of 7”x4.5” (WxH) where you can write anything on it.Customized 46 inch Arc Wedding Favor Umbrella
  2. Personalized 44 Inch Auto-Open Wedding Party Umbrella
    -> It auto-opens for convenience.
    -> It folds into 15” making it easy to store or keep.
    -> Imprint area is 6”x6 ¼” (WxH) which gives you enough space to have your message written.
    -> It comes in many different colors to match your wedding motif.Personalized 44 inch Auto-Open Wedding Party Umbrella
  3. Personalized 46 Inch Wedding Parasols Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffle Style
    -> It gives of an elegant feel due to its ruffles.
    -> It has an automatic opening.
    -> Perfect for the entourage to make it a little bit different from the umbrellas of the guests.Personalized 46 inch Wedding Parasols Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffles Style
  4. 46 Inch Bridal Shower Wedding Red Floral Ruffles Umbrella Parasol With Gold Frame
    -> This is a little bit more highly priced than the other umbrellas offered but if gives out an elegant and stylish feel.
    -> It has an ebony wood handle.
    -> It has a 5”x5” (WxH) imprint are to print a thank you message, names of your guests or any message preferred.46 inch Bridal Shower Wedding Red Floral Ruffles Umbrella Parasol With Gold Frame

Make these printed umbrellas a part of your wedding day. There are more options on our website for these custom umbrellas, These printed umbrellas will surely make your wedding a day to remember whether it rains or shines.

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