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Let Them Carry Your Business Name Anywhere With These Tote Umbrellas

Promoting under unpredictable weather? No problem. Give everyone a hand with these custom umbrellas and have the opportunity to promote your business anytime and anywhere, whatever the weather condition.

Umbrellas have now become a popular promotional tool because it has so many advantages that not only you will gain from it but as well as to those who will receive it.

  1. It has been known that umbrellas are primarily used for protection from any type of weather. Be it in rain or shine umbrellas are used and displayed during all these weather conditions. So as a business owner, do you know what advantage you will get from that?
    -> Your business name will be displayed most of the time. The more they see your business name the more they will become familiar to your logo.
    -> It is a very useful promotional product. When it rains, people will use these custom umbrellas. When it is very hot, they will use it as well. When an item is used all the time, the users become more aware of your business name or logo. Also, 92% of promotional product recipients will keep your item because it is useful therefore making your investment worth it because they will not throw it away.
  2. Of all umbrella types, these custom tote umbrellas can be easily carried or transported.
    -> When choosing the umbrella’s size for your promotional campaign, you have to consider the convenience that it will give your recipients. The smaller the size, umbrellas have a better chance to be carried all the time and used regularly. Of course, you do not want to hand out your loyal customers or prospects that will be too bulky for them to use on a daily basis.
  3. It is lightweight but still durable.
    -> The lighter it is the more likely that everyone will love to carry it. Therefore, where ever your recipients go and use it, there your brand name will also be.

We offer these custom Tote Umbrellas in different shapes and prints so as to give variations to fit your preference. A few samples we have online are listed below.

  1. Our Personalized Four Season 42 Inch Arc Totes Auto Open Folding Umbrellas can be availed for as low as $10.87. Its canopy has a 42” arc with an auto open function. Its handle is rubber coated and it comes with a lifetime warranty.Personalized Four Seasons 42 inch Arc Totes® Auto Open Folding Umbrellas
  2. If you prefer something that is a little bit different, we have our eye catching Personalized Four Seasons 52 Arc Totes Bubble Umbrellas. These can be availed for as low as $15.41. It’s made of a clear canopy with a steel shaft and accentuated color trim, handle and tip. It also has a lifetime warranty.Personalized Four Seasons 52 Arc Totes® Bubble Umbrellas
  3. You can invest in these Personalized Four Seasons 36 Arc Totes Critters Umbrellas to make your promotional campaign a little bit more fun and out of the ordinary. With these, you will surely stand out from the crowd. This can be availed for as low as $15.41. It comes with a curve handle with a pinch resistant runner and plastic covered tips which make it safe for kids. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.Personalized Four Seasons 36 Arc Totes ® Critters Umbrella

Keep your clients and prospects dry on rainy season and protected from the sun during the summer. Make your promotional campaign worth it by investing in these custom tote umbrellas. These will definitely have a positive impact to your clients and to your business as well.

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