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Standard Umbrellas Are The Next Big Thing For Your Promotional Campaign

Whether it is raining outside or it is blazing hot, umbrellas are the perfect companions during these times. Umbrellas have been a part of everyone’s life and it has been a common item in each household but having it as a promotional tool is something new in the market today.46 inch Arc Custom Printed Promotional Umbrellas

Printed umbrellas are effective promotional tools because it is an important and very useful tool. Imagine that it keeps a person’s skin healthy by being able to block ultraviolet light on a sunny day and keep someone from being wet on a rainy day. According to a US study which was published in JAMA Dermatology, an umbrella can block more than three quarters of UV light and that is 77% and 99% of UV radiation. Now how cool is that? Not only that you will be flaunting your business name on these printed umbrellas but you are also doing a good cause. All the more the recipients of these printed umbrellas will love you and will keep it for quite a longer time.

So you see? Investing in these printed umbrellas is the perfect way to do your promotional campaign. Surely, each one who will receive this will truly remember your business name. You may see some of the printed umbrellas that we offer under our Standard Umbrellas. These are listed below.48 inch Auto Open Custom Imprinted Umbrellas w/ 9 Colors

  1. 46 Inch Arch Custom Printed Promotional Umbrellas – This is perfect for golf players since it is a once click umbrellas that has a wooden handle which gives it a classic look.
  2. 48 Inch Arc Custom Standard Umbrellas With 17 Colors – These custom umbrellas are offered in 17 colors to give you more options. It is also an automatic open umbrella with a metal shaft and wooden handle. It is created out of nylon material and it shrinks to 33” when it is closed which makes it easy to carry and bring along.
  3. 46 Inch Arc Custom Logo Transparent Umbrellas – It has a metal frame with an automatic open button and can be imprinted in 2 colors.
  4. 48 Inch Auto Open Custom Imprinted Umbrellas With 9 Colors – These custom umbrellas are made out of nylon fabric which can be customized according to your preference.
  5. 52 Inch Arc Lockwood Auto Open Golf Umbrellas – These custom umbrellas are perfect for clients that are golf players or are active in any sports that requires them to use an umbrella.

These printed umbrellas are perfect for your next promotional campaign. Not only that you can get discounts when you order it wholesale but you can avail of our free shipping, free artwork design and free online proof.

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