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Make A Statement In Your Promotional Campaign With These Fashion Umbrellas

Umbrellas are practical tools used on a day to day basis. Umbrellas are made to help individuals from being soaked in the rain or help them hide from the heat of the sun. But do these umbrellas necessarily have to be plain and without funkiness and style? Well, we are here to change that. We have come up with our custom Fashion Umbrellas in order to make your promotions a little bit more out of the ordinary. These colorful and fun canopies will brighten up the gloomy days.46 Inch Arc Custom Printed Dome Shaped Umbrellas

How do you make a statement with these custom fashion umbrellas? Well, here are a few tips that we want to share to you.

  1. Invest in custom umbrellas that offer a funky and colorful canopy.
    Commonly, people get the attention of the people in the community through loud music but there are other ways of grabbing people’s attention. Using a colorful umbrella can turn heads of onlookers and will instantly put you on the spotlight. It is true that colors play a major role in the success of any marketing campaign. According to the Institute for Color Research, people make judgments based on the colors they see and up to 90% of the judgment is influenced by the colors they see. Also, colors help people recognize your brand by up to 80% and that is why under our custom fashion umbrella category; we have quite a few color options that you can choose from.
  2. Unusual canopy shape can turn heads as well.
    There are custom umbrellas in the market today that comes in a standard shape and there are also umbrellas that have a different canopy shape. We have our 46 Inch Arc Custom Printed Dome Shaped Umbrellas which offer a dome type canopy. We have our 48 Inch Personalized Bubble Promotional Umbrellas that come in 6 colors. For something that is more girly, we have our Personalized 46 Inch Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffles Style Fashion Umbrellas.Personalized 46 inch Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffles Style Fashion Umbrella

So where can you use these custom fashion umbrellas and make a statement for your business? Well, you can hand these out during:

  • Tradeshows
  • Business Conventions
  • Store or Business Anniversary
  • Holidays or Celebrations

Invest in these trendy custom umbrellas and make a statement. Thinking about your budget? Do not worry because we offer these custom umbrellas at very affordable prices that start as low as $5.13. You can also get huge discounts if you order it in wholesale. Also, we offer free design, free artwork and free online proof. Have these umbrellas customized and they are good to go.

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