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Why consider Folding Umbrellas As Giveaways For You Promotional Campaign

Umbrellas have been known as useful tools during the rainy season. If you are planning to have a little walk in the park or stroll outdoors having an umbrella will be perfect yet there are those who want to carry an umbrella that is hassle free. It is because of this reason that we have included Folding Umbrella in our promotional products

This type of personalized umbrella had been popular amongst the other types and we would like to elaborate the reasons why these had been loved by so many.

  1. It offers convenience simply because:
    -> It can be easily stored in a tote or bag.
    -> It usually comes with a cover making it easy for you to carry around with ease.
    -> It folds down to a small size which can be easily carried or stored.
  2. It is lightweight since it is small.
  3. It has an adjustable shaft making it easy to fit into bags.
    Having this kind of personalized umbrella as your promotional tool will surely increase your sales. Aside from being fashionable it is at the same time useful which means that a lot of people will be keeping it for quite a while. Every time they will use the umbrella with your brand name, they will be creating an impact in people who sees it. Imagine the moment it is being used by someone, it creates a greater impression than any other promotional tools. A case study has proved that promotional items reach 88% of the population more than any other tools.

A few samples of our personalized umbrellas are the following.

  1. Personalized 41 Inch Full-Size Manual Open Folding Umbrella which can be availed for as low as $4.29. This umbrella is available in 15 colors giving enough colors to choose for your own preference.Personalized 41 inch Full-size Manual Open Folding Umbrella
  2. Personalized 41 Inch Full-Size Manual Open Patriot Folding Umbrella which can be availed for as low as $5.74. If you plan on having a promotional campaign during the 4th of July then this umbrella is the perfect one.Personalized 41 inch Full-size Manual Open Patriot Folding Umbrella
  3. 42 Inch Arc Custom Logo Folding Umbrellas can be availed for as low as $5.42. The arc shape makes it look cooler and fun compared to the other ordinary umbrella shapes.42 Inch Arc Custom Logo Folding Umbrellas
  4. You may click on this link – to check the other types and styles of umbrellas that we offer.

All of these personalized umbrellas come with a free online design proof, free design and 105% low price guarantee. Everyone nowadays needs umbrellas therefore by investing in these custom umbrellas your money will surely be put into good use. It will never be money that will go wasted. With so many custom folding umbrellas that we offer on our website, we are sure that you will be able to find the color and design that you prefer.

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