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Know Your Colors and Invest In These Full Color Umbrellas

Are colors really relevant to make or break your promotional campaign? How does it affect your promotional campaign? Is choosing the right color for your promotional item important?

Sometimes people just invest in promotional items without considering the colors of the item. Well, it has been proven in a study that choosing the right colors for your promotional item has a great impact. The colors of the items will help convince your recipients whether they purchase from you or not. Based on a survey, it revealed that 85% of consumers base their choice or buying decision on color and full-color ads in magazines are recognized 26% more often than plain old black and white ads.62'' Arc Beach Customized Logo Full Color Umbrellas

Color has an impact on how people behave and think. Color directs eyes where to look at and at the same time it dictates what people will feel. For example, if you want to grab the attention of onlookers, you have to invest in our promotional umbrellas that have a full colored canopy. It helps people decide if the item is important to them or not.

Below is a survey where people were asked to associate a word to the color.

  • Blue
    -> 34% said it means trust
    -> 28% said it means security
    -> 43% said it means reliability
    -> 20% associated it with high quality
  • Red
    -> 76% associated this color with Speed
  • Black
    -> 43% associated this with high quality
    -> 16% associated it with security
    -> 24% associated it with reliability
  • Orange
    -> 28% associated it with fun
  • Yellow
    -> 26% associated it with fun
  • White
    -> 21% associated it with trust
  • Green
    -> 11% associated it with trust
    -> 12% associated it with security
  • Purple
    -> 17% associated it with fun

Based on the information you have above, you will now have an idea on which color you will choose for your promotional Full Color Umbrellas. Remember that colors will help 80% for people to recognize your brand and it affects the choices of people. You now already have a guide on which color to choose from. You can also choose two tone colors in one umbrella since we also have that option. You may check our website, for more choices on custom umbrellas . It is really up to you on what colors you prefer for your promotional items as long as you are showing them what you want them to see and make them feel what you want them to feel.

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