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The Ultimate Buyers Guide for Custom Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas make integral and must-have accessories to complete the look of the outdoor venues.  Versatile and trendy, these umbrellas can be used any outdoor space and not just in the patio.

Available in many different sizes, styles and forms, these outdoor umbrellas will offer a lot of creative ideas for marketers to highlight their message and engage the crowd with their logo in a fun way. By investing in fine quality custom patio umbrellas you can be sure that your audience will enjoy conversations for a longer time while your brand gets a massive display.


Ideal size of Patio Umbrellas

While choosing the size of your umbrella, you have to spare a thought  at various factors like the space available and the  budget on hand. Ideally the umbrella you choose should not be too small or too big as it could off set your outdoor promotional needs. Choose an umbrella that is just big enough to cover a little more than the table space. A highly over sized umbrella may look out of place in small settings while a smaller canopy may leave the  table exposed.

The rule of the thumb is that your umbrella should typically extend over your dining table by 2 feet on each side. For instance, if you have a 4-foot round table, you may need an umbrella that measures 8 feet in diameter.

Vented Bistro Patio Umbrellas

Pole Height and Diameter

The height of the pole is a crucial factor in deciding the stability of your umbrella. For maximum umbrella stability, the pole diameter and base diameter of the umbrella should be as close as possible. The base diameter should not be more than .25″ larger than your umbrella pole.

The height of the umbrella should be at least 7 feet tall so that the taller individuals don’t have to stoop down when they are under the umbrella. Patio umbrellas with tilting and cantilever functions are a smart choice as it can be adjusted according to the position of the sun.

Aluminum/Fiberglass Patio Umbrella with Valances

 Umbrella Bases

The base of the patio umbrella should be heavy enough to keep the umbrella pinned to the ground steadily without letting it fly off in the wind. For instance, if you are using a 6’ table umbrella, you may need 20 lb Base while for 6.5′ table umbrellas, 30 lb Base is recommended. An unstable umbrella can spoil the fun of any outdoor event. So, make sure to order one of these weighted patio umbrella bases that won’t move!

Patio Umbrellas With Crank w/ 4 Colors

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