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Golf Umbrellas – Pillars of a Winning Game in a Wet and Dry Season

Rains are lashing over golf court and people are eagerly waiting with batted breaths for an exciting game to begin. At that time their eyes may get entangled on a large colorful umbrella sheltering a golfer and helping him to establish in a circuit. Yeah, this umbrella pumps their excitement because they know that it is sheltering their favorite player. Large colorful umbrellas are one of the widely perceived symbols of this game and people often look to it with much adoration.

Golf Umbrellas

Here are some of the popular features, which help a player to forget those  weather foes and emerge as a winner.

Sizes – It is needless to say that golf umbrellas are larger than regular  umbrellas. They come in sizes varying from 54-70 inches and can be  chosen as per the utility. Now you may think that such huge umbrellas may  be heavy due to the tote, but that’s a pure myth.

Most of these big umbrellas usually feature fiberglass ribs and shafts, which  not only adds to its lightness, but also makes it lighting resistant.

Next in this discussion comes the utility space of umbrella. There is a  common myth that bigger umbrellas gobble up large space. This is not true  because most of the modern day ones can be folded compactly, sometimes  measuring as small as length of foot and stored in a bag. Most of these  umbrella manufacturers also offer matching nylon sleeve with these  umbrellas, which makes it easier to store.

Purpose – Generally golf umbrellas are perceived as a symbol of status, still it serves its primary purpose of sheltering. This umbrella can shelter you from rains and harsh scorching UV light. Golfers can invest in umbrellas made up of specially treated fabric, which can absorb UV light and provide a cooler stand.  Big sized golf umbrellas can be easily tucked into golf cart and golfers can be tension free about those wet and dry weather woes and just concentrate on the game.

Features –Golfers love to invest in vented umbrellas with a double canopy or air slots because it averts inversion. The handles are generally made up of plastic, wood, rubber and golfers usually go for plasticized handles. More enhanced versions feature gel-filled and foam filled handles. Golf umbrellas generally come with auto open/close features, but some may even require manual opening. The plastic stake fitted on the top of the custom umbrella helps golfers to plunge it into a ground, while hitting their shots

The lightweight design patterns impart lots of flexibility to these big umbrellas and make them simply adorable and highly utile.

All these features add up to keep a golfer dry and cool during his round of game. Stay tune to know more about the utility of golf umbrellas in unusual ways.

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