June 21 is Great outdoors day- Hand out promotional umbrellas to make an impact

June is a favorite season for all outdoor buffs for its clear sky and perfect weather! The summer season starts officially on June 21, which is also observed as Great outdoor day. People will set out on outdoor sporting activities, family picnics, camping , fishing and hiking trips among others. It is also the perfect season for businesses that wish to make use of the brilliant weather conditions to promote their logo. If you are looking for a cost effective and highly visible, promotional gift to drive up your logo during summer, nothing can match the charm of personalized umbrellas.

Durable 7 ft Custom Patiocafe Umbrella w 5 Colors

Budget friendly and popular, umbrellas are something everyone uses almost daily. With the summer sun out, people will make sure that they are well shielded from the harmful UV rays when they are outdoors. Promotional umbrellas are popular for their attractive sticker price and the massive canopy area that can position your logo, business message and artwork with ease.

Golf holidays
Promotional umbrellas are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and models that it is not very hard to find the one that suits that tastes of your client base. If you are planning a golf league, check out these attractive golf umbrellas that will get the attention of not just the golf playing customers but also curious onlookers and the well heeled members of the golf club, which will give added mileage to your brand!

Beach fun
Need a smart option to promote your breach hotel or activities? Play safe with these delightful beach umbrellas. The massive logo imprinted canopy and the delightful color choices that readily grabs a few eyeballs will make your logo well noticed even from a distance. The best part is that custom umbrellas when bought in bulk will carry attractive savings and discounts to make your branding campaign easy on your wallets.

6 Feet Custom Printed Beech Umbrellas Royal White

Awareness campaigns
Logo imprinted umbrellas also make perfect give outs for awareness campaigns during the National Sun Safety Week starting June 1. Your recipients will easily remember your brand for being considerate towards social causes. It is proven that businesses that portray their social commitment get a high regard from customers and business partners.

Sunny days are all fun and laughter alright but it will also mean protecting the skin against sun damage. Umbrellas make a good promotional option for skin care clinics and dermatologists as these will protect their recipients from sun damage. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and every year millions of people get treated for this deadly disease.

Promotional umbrellas can be handed out at schools and wellness camps to raise awareness of the risk of sun’s UV rays. Businesses can imprint safety messages and precautions to stay safe from the cancer risk on these logo umbrellas and every time they see these tips, they will make a concerted effort to stay safe and healthy.

Usumbrellas.com has a range of logo imprinted umbrellas in every price range and models that range from mini umbrellas to the sprawling patio umbrellas and everything that fall in between! So, make sure to get your users well shielded this summer to keep your logo fully exposed!

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