Promotional umbrellas never go out of fashion

Promotional products have to be practical and highly visible to be able to stay ahead in the deluge of promotional products of all possible genres. If you are looking for a highly visible promotional gift that will never fail to gain the attention of your clients, then not many options can match the charm of promotional umbrellas. People use it not just to stay safe from bad weather but also as fashionable accessories and even props during holidays, photo sessions and fashion shows!

Personalized Orange 46 inch Arc Edge Two-Tone Umbrellas

Umbrellas are always a welcome gift for any customer. Logo imprinted umbrellas also make wedding favors and employee gifts as well. Welcome the sun or the rain with these brightly colored and personalized umbrellas and every time your team uses these umbrellas, your logo will be put on a proud parade. Let’s admit it. The most annoying thing about rain is that it can create havoc any moment, so none of your recipients will ever complain about having too many umbrellas. These can be kept at home, in the office or in a car and every time rain clouds hover around, your logo will be well appreciated and remembered.

Not many objects that people carry around daily are as noticeable as umbrellas. Their eye-catching bright colors and massive blank canvases can effectively display your logo or business message. Be it is in the tee course, the crowded city streets, or at the beach or the woods, umbrellas come out in the open everywhere. So a unique design or an interesting color patterns will surely add to your branding power.

Here are some of the popular models that will make eloquent brand ambassadors for your business.

46 Inch Arc Custom Logo Executive Umbrellas w 4 Colors

Golf umbrellas: One of the most popular models is the golf umbrella as it is used by the elite business class people that companies try to win over. These promotional golf umbrellas are offered in canopy sizes 41” arc to 68” arc and they can host couple of people at a time. Offered in a range of brilliant colors and sizes, these golf umbrellas will make your business well noticed even from a distance.

Anti Wind umbrellas: There is nothing more hurting than an umbrella that fail to withstand the winds on a rainy day! Consider these custom anti wind umbrellas with vented canopies, reinforced skeletons and breathable fabric material will offer the ultimate wind resistance. These umbrellas make great practical handouts at tradeshows, events and conventions. Made to last long and to brave the weather blues, these custom umbrellas will let your customers remember your logo for long. This high utility promotional product will help the marketers to convey the message that their businesses stay responsible for the well being of their customers.

Mini umbrellas: Functional and fashionable alike, these mini umbrellas can be used on any occasion or matched with any outfit. Your recipients will love to remember the brand and the business message imprinted on these small wonders that can be easily stored in a purse or briefcase. Most people cannot resist these as these little umbrellas make mighty rain and shine barrier at all time. Apart from being potent promotional giveaways, these also make thoughtful party favors during personal events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations. So, if you are looking for a simple solution to drive up your brand exposure whilst adding that little extra cover to your clients, do not look beyond custom umbrellas!

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