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Promote Your Business All Year Round With These Standard Umbrellas

Have you ever thought of investing into something that can be used for the whole year? Have you ever considered promoting your business by making use of the year’s seasons? Have you ever thought of the idea that your name can be carried and displayed anytime, anywhere, rain or shine? Well, have you ever thought of investing into printed umbrellas specifically our Standard Umbrellas since these printed umbrellas are the answer to the all your promotional concerns.48 inch Arc Custom Standard Umbrellas w/ 16 Colors

Why should you then use these printed umbrellas for your next promotional campaign? We would love to explain to you the reasons why these printed umbrellas are the perfect promotional tool.

  • Umbrellas are well liked by all ages
    There is an increase in trend for these printed umbrellas. Therefore, you need not to worry that this promotional tool might only be liked by a few.
  • Generates more impressions than any other promotional tool
    Compared to any other promotional tools, these printed umbrellas create more impressions. Even if it is not used daily, it generates an average of 1,331 brand impression during its life ime.
  • Strong convincing power
    Based on a report made by ASI, more than 50% of the consumers who received a printed umbrella were more likely to do business with the company.

Some of the standard umbrellas we sell online are listed below.

  1. 46 Inch Arc Custom Printed Promotional Umbrellas
    The imprint size for this umbrella is 7” x 4.5” which is already large enough that even onlookers from a distant can read and see your business information or business logo. Its folded length is 31” with a 46” open arc. This can be availed for as low as $5.13 with a minimum order of 12 pieces.
  2. 48 Inch Arc Custom Standard Umbrellas with 16 Colors
    This is an automatic open umbrella with a metal shaft and wooden handle. The advantage of having an auto open umbrellas is the convenience that it gives you. With just a press of a button, it will automatically opens by itself. This has an imprint size of 7” x 5”. Its folded length is 33” with an open arc of 48”. This can be availed for as low as $6.21 with a minimum order of 36 pieces.
  3. 48 Inch Arc Bubble Custom Transparent Umbrellas
    This comes with a steel windproof frame. This helps the umbrellas to be sturdy enough when it encounters strong winds and heavy downpour. It has an imprint area of 7” x 6”. Its folded length is 34” with an open arc of 48”. This can be availed for as low as $7.63 with a minimum order of 36 pieces.

These are only a few of samples from our standard umbrellas category and you may choose from our extensive collection of printed umbrellas . If you want to make the days count and make use of every opportunity or moment to promote your business, then investing in these custom umbrellas is the way you should go. It will be worth your money because all ages will gladly receive this item with arms wide open.

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