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Custom Fashion Umbrellas Will Earn A Permanent Place In The Wardrobes Of Your Customers

Custom umbrellas will make a great way to put your message and brand on a wide display and high speed portability. Here are some of the trends that will make custom umbrellas to promote fashion shows or but a great party favor and a must have accessory for the fall season wardrobes.

Pink Umbrellas

Pink is not just a hot favorite is fashion circuits but make a perfect way to show your solidarity on the occasion of breast cancer awareness events. Check out these custom pink antiwind umbrellas  that will make a great outdoor accessory during fall season. Make the most of the generous imprint area on the canopy to imprint your brand and message and make sure nobody misses it!  Pink golf umbrellas will make excellent corporate gifts and special handouts to high value clients. Anything imprinted on these massive umbrellas will get a lot of attention even beyond the greens! Go for it!

Personalized Pink 42 inch Arc Windproof Auto-Open Umbrellas


Clear design umbrellas look good not just as wedding umbrellas for winter season weddings but make a trendy wearable that can be used daily. Imprint your brand and message using bright colors to grab easy attention all the while being subtle in your approach. Everyone will love to get these pretty umbrellas for free and your brand popularity will hit the skies literally! The best part is that it will match every dressing style of the recipients, which will tempt them to use it more often. Check out these bubble lollipop umbrellas that will make a great choice.

Personalized Black 48 inch arc Bubble Lollipop Umbrellas


Ruffles umbrellas have always been a fashion trend not just in ramps and wedding arenas but in daily life as well. Offered in bright colors, ruffles will ensure a dramatic brand presentation for you. If you are looking for a gift umbrella that is a wee bit different than ordinary models, look no further than these pretty models.

Printed umbrellas

Umbrellas in brilliant designs and polka dots will make a brilliant addition to your marketing mix. Your brand and message on these will get a lot of attention for sure. These are well suited as store promotional items, tradeshow swag and corporate gifts. These will complement the brilliant fall season colors and will make a perfect pick for outdoor promotions and themed events. Customize it with your brand , message or mascot to make it a high visibility custom gift

Are you planning to use custom umbrellas as your promotional gifts? Tell us your ideas and suggestion at the comments section below.

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