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Custom umbrellas – Giveaways that Are worth Investing in

Umbrellas is one of the most useful, memorable promotional gifts you can give your clients or employees. Apart from protecting the users from elements, custom umbrellas show case your brand everytime   your prospects open it. Visible and practical at once, promotional umbrellas will make incredible branding tools.

Promotional umbrellas are still very relevant

Even in today’s digital world, custom umbrellas continue to be relevant items for the outdoorsy people. Available in various models and colors, these accessories even make great fashion accessories and photo props as well. Umbrellas protect the users from UV rays, which prevails in the atmosphere in all 4 seasons. So, you can choose custom umbrellas as your regular promotional swag  all round the year.


Whether you are promoting your trade show or outdoor summer event, umbrellas will make a great choice.  It is a practical and relevant item for every genre of potential customers and will highlight your brand to a broad and diverse demographic. Ideal for all types of promotional settings, these wont look out of place in any event.

Crowded events like festivals or game days are perfect for distributing custom umbrellas to a large crowd. Businesses can even  hand out printed umbrellas to their employees to keep them safe from elements  while promoting their brand. So, if you wish to make a bold statement at your next event, look no further than custom umbrellas!

Get more value for your money

A custom golf umbrella imprinted with your logo will also maximize your brand exposure at an event. Further, it will make your brand pop among the busy crowds and provide an effective way of mobile advertising.  Unlike most traditional promotional items like billboards and posters, logo umbrellas do not involve repeat expenses or maintenance charges. Umbrellas being long lasting will ensure consistent brand impressions for your business.

Turn your recipients to brand ambassadors

Your recipients will literally turn into your brand ambassadors, every time they use these custom umbrellas printed with your brand. A branded umbrellas will be something that all your clients will surely love.


Custom umbrellas can be used to thank your clients, raise awareness about a social cause, promote your brand or even raise funds for your social cause. No matter how you wish to use these logo items, custom  umbrellas will easily complement your branding theme.

Easy to customize

Needless to say, the trump card of promotional umbrellas is its massive canopy that will highlight your brand and message. You an choose to place your message on one panel, alternate panels or even on the whole canopy in full color dye sublimation depending on how subtle or loud you wish  your branding to be. A well customized umbrella will make a great way to thank customers for their business and encourage them to spread the word about your brand.

Choices galore

Umbrellas are available in a wide range of choices. From standard umbrellas to something quirky like inverted umbrellas and  clear umbrellas, there is something special for everyone. Golf umbrellas are a hot favorite among the youth and family audience because of its massive canopy that can hold more than 2 people at a time .  Add a full-color product image to the design to reinforce your brand identity and make your branded products more recognizable.

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