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The Best Promotional Events To Use Custom Umbrellas

High visibility handouts like umbrellas play a crucial role in creating brand awareness; and establishing a strong presence in the market. Anything imprinted on the massive canopy of custom umbrellas will never be overlooked! Moreover, by distributing umbrellas, businesses can ensure that their brand remains in the spotlight long after the event ends.

Here are some events where marketers can use custom umbrellas for showcasing products and services to a wider audience.

Music festivals

Custom umbrellas will make great giveaways to promote outdoor music festivals that draw large crowds. Providing branded umbrellas can instantly grab attention and generate interest in the brand. Attendees often appreciate such giveaways, especially when the weather is unpredictable. These umbrellas will not just protect the individuals from the elements; but double up as an effective marketing tool, spreading your message wherever they go.

Fund raising walks

Charity events like fundraising walks often draw a diverse gathering of participants and supporters. By distributing branded umbrellas at these events, businesses not just support this social cause but also spread awareness about their brand. Moreover, people will appreciate receiving a practical item like an umbrella and may even choose to use it regularly. Every time they do so, your brand visibility will increase manifold.

Trade shows

Trade shows are events where custom umbrellas can be a promotional powerhouse. These events often feature large venues and long hours, making umbrellas an essential item for attendees seeking shelter from unpredictable weather conditions. By providing branded umbrellas to participants, companies create a win-win situation, offering practical protection while simultaneously advertising their brand. As participants traverse the trade show, the custom umbrellas become moving billboards, attracting attention and sparking conversations about the business being promoted.

Umbrellas can attract easy attention of attendees, enhance brand recognition, and act as a constant reminder of the business’s offerings even after the event. Businesses can choose to hand out umbrellas to attendees who may be seriously interested in their products for better conversion.

Outdoor sporting events

Whether it is a golf tournament or a tennis match, umbrellas provide shade and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. By customizing these umbrellas with the company logo and slogan, businesses can increase brand visibility and generate valuable exposure among a captive audience. Attendees will appreciate the gesture and perceive the sponsoring business as caring for their well-being.


Concerts also provide ample opportunities for showcasing custom umbrellas. These events typically draw large crowds, making them an ideal marketing platform. The attendees will appreciate receiving a branded umbrella that not only shields them from the elements but also identifies them as supporters of the promoted company. This dual functionality reinforces brand loyalty and serves as a constant reminder of the positive experience associated with the event.

Besides large-scale events, smaller community gatherings can also benefit from custom umbrellas as promotional tools. Farmers markets, street fairs, and neighborhood picnics often attract local residents and offer an intimate setting for connecting with potential customers. By distributing branded umbrellas in these settings, businesses can also generate goodwill and support within the community.

As individuals carry the umbrellas throughout their daily routines, they become walking advertisements, expanding the reach of the promotional event beyond its initial scope.

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