Check out these white wedding umbrellas that go well with every wedding theme

Weddings are made in heaven so the wedding spectacle on earth can’t be anything dreary either! Couples make sure to turn their wedding day an extension of their style statement with unique themes and decorations including custom wedding umbrellas and parasols. Imprint quotes, wedding messages, thank you quotes and anything that you wish on the canopy of these wide umbrellas to steal the show.

Custom Print 46 AutoOpen Floral Ladies Ruffles Style Fashion Umbrella

The blushing bride, her cheerful bridesmaids and family will all look fabulous underneath these white wedding parasols. The snow white umbrellas that are embellished with intricate lace work and ruffle patterns are indeed designed to match every bridal dress and will look surreal in those wedding snaps!

While buying white umbrellas a few handy tips will be of use.

Personalized wedding umbrellas may be for one time use! However, it is recommended not to buy cheap umbrellas as quality is of paramount importance for these outdoor wedding umbrellas that will have to brave the bad weather elements. There can’t be anything more embarrassing than a broken wedding umbrella on your D day. So make sure to browse our selection to choose umbrellas that bring together the best of both the worlds of price and functional features. From budget friendly regular umbrellas to exquisite designer umbrellas and ornate parasols, there is a lot of options to choose from at

Designs galore! You can choose a design that will complement your wedding theme. Victorian umbrellas will impart a classic charm to the bride and will go down well with any traditional themed wedding. Choose a white umbrella with wooden sticks and crook handles to bring back the nostalgic memories of the yore alive.

Personalized 43 Wind White Umbrella

Functional features
White wedding umbrellas protect the bride from both sun and rain and will complement her bridal attire and good looks. There are lots of other promorional umbrellas that look fabulous inspite of their low sticker price. Here are some of our all time favorite models of white umbrellas that are truly worth a closer look.

Personalized 46 inch Wedding Parasols Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffles Style is a good option to consider in the segment of white wedding umbrellas. Often addressed as a vintage wedding umbrella, this pretty umbrella can be used as bridal shower gifts. The expansive 46” arc, automatic opening, elegant golden tipped floral ruffles and opera style handle with ebony wood finish will make it a visual delight for the beholders!

Personalized 43 inch Wedding Umbrella is a popular wedding favor gift because it is long lasting and offers best value for investment. This auto open umbrella is made of nylon fabric and it is usually favored due to its steel windproof frame and sturdy frame. Guests who receive this unique gift will definitely treasure it for lifetime because of its functional excellence and compact design that make them easily fit into their bags. The versatile design of this wedding umbrella makes it ideal handouts during any themed or regular wedding, bridal shower party, hen night, bachelor’s party or even as post wedding gifts.

White wedding umbrellas make elegant accessories for the wedding party and admirable gifts for your guests all at once. The generous imprint area on the canopies can be utilized for writing personal messages, thank you notes or posting the snap shots of the couple to make it a delightful memoir for the guests.

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