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Customization Tips That Will Ensure More Value for Your Promotional Umbrellas

Choosing the most popular and practical gifts like umbrellas will only make half your job done in making your branding campaign successful. To gain easy attention of your audience you should adopt some innovative customization tips that will ensure more value for your promotional bucks.  A creatively customized umbrella will turn heads easily and make a great talking topic among your audience.

Here are some smart imprint options that will turn even a plain umbrella into a gift of incredible character and brand identity.

Imprint options: You can imprint your brand on multiple panels of the canopy to leave a lasting impression and ensure a wide angle display. If you are looking for a subtler tone, imprint the inner side of custom umbrellas or keep your logo restricted to the handles or sleeves. The logo or artwork imprinted on the umbrellas should be large enough to be seen from a distance. Make sure to choose a large font size. If the umbrella panels are not large enough to fit your message, opt for a larger model.

Adopt a Subtle tone: If you want to make your message get noticed without being garish, you can adopt a subtle option. By imprinting your brand on the handle, you can ensure brand exposure even when the umbrella is folded up and the panels aren’t visible. You can even use the inner side of the umbrellas to place your brand and message to put your brand on the plain view of the users without sticking out like a sore thumb! Promotional Umbrellas with covers will make yet another place to have your logo printed, to ensure more visibility and exposure even when the umbrellas are not in use.

Reflective or glow-in-the dark accents: Make sure that your message is seen at night as well as during day by using umbrella models with reflective stripes as it ensure double promotional effect. Plus, it’s an extra safety feature for the user. Custom Printed Two-Tone Safety Umbrellas are a perfect model to consider.

44 inch Arc Custom Printed Two-Tone Safety Umbrellas

Vibrant colors. The logo should be printed in a color that contrasts with the background. It will make your brand stand out and gain easy attention even in crowded events or streets. Make sure that your logo does not get merged to the background, which will simply make it ineffective as promotional items. You can choose a light colored umbrella and opt for a bright tone for your brand or vice versa.

Which of the above customization tips do you think is the most effective? Do share your thoughts with us at our comments section to join a conversation.

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