5 Best Golf Umbrella – Enjoy your birdie sans weather blues

Golf Umbrellas make excellent promotional items in the league and create great impact to your logo. Golfers love these custom umbrellas as these shade them from rain and shine without breaking the fun of the game! These promotional golf umbrellas come in a range of canopy sizes from 41” arc to 68” arc, which can hold more than 2 people at a time, thereby bringing you several elite customers at one go!This brightly colored canopy with conspicuous brand imprints will never go unnoticed and will surely make your business stand out.

62 Inch Arc Custom Imprinted Gustbuster Umbrellas Navy

Forget about bad weather blues with these handy custom golf umbrellas that keep you well protected on your day out in the greens. Easy to carry around, this umbrella works great not only for the golfers but also for the marketers in keeping their brand in the limelight at all times.

56 inch Arc Telescopic Custom Logo Umbrellas

Here are the 5 best models of golf umbrellas that offer the best features.

Telescopic Custom Logo Umbrellas
Give your brand the telescopic visibility advantage with this 56 inch Arc Telescopic Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 3 Colors. Available in 3 choicest colors, these have become the trusted marketing aids for their high visibility at cheaper price. One of the largest folding umbrellas in our stock, these umbrellas enjoy great stability as well due to the fiberglass and metal frame with metal ultra sturdy hexagonal shaft. The long tapered wood handle with built-in push button for automatic opening and matching nylon sleeve makes it easy to operate.

Vented Square Golf Umbrella
Personalized 62 Arc Vented Square Golf Umbrella stands out for its unique square canopy that is hard to miss the attention of the golfers who love unique gifts. The customized 62” vented square golf umbrella is resistant to wind and lightning and makes good promotional ideas for rainy season. The shoulder strap makes it handy while the shaft, ribs, ferrule and tip cup made of fiberglass make these custom printed golf umbrellas really sturdy. The custom golf umbrellas are ideal for two persons and make delightful brand promotions on a golf course.

Gustbuster Umbrellas
If you are looking for a lightweight yet strong golf umbrella that can withstand the might of the gust, you can settle for 62 Inch Arc Custom Imprinted Gustbuster Umbrellas . It is a popular choice among touring golf professionals during various high profile events Nike, PGA, SPGA and LPGA events. The vented technology helps this large golf umbrella to withstand wind gusts up to 60 mph without the risk of inversion. It is an ideal giveaway for sports marketers and golf sponsors and can be handed out to your favorite golfer before the start of game. This patent design that comes with a lifetime warranty is designed to withstand high force gale winds and your customers would love its utility and high value all their life.

Custom golf umbrellas enjoy a high visibility among the elite league of customers who are golfing enthusiasts. Golf enjoys a cult status among the rich and the famous and these custom golf umbrellas with logo imprints is the best option to grab the attention of your premium customers.

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