Beat the windy weather and your marketing woes with wind proof umbrellas

The umbrellas that get blown inside out by the wind have always been a challenge for anyone venturing out in rainy season. Leave this woe aside as you can browse through our collection of anti wind umbrellas at US Umbrellas. Made to resist even the strongest winds, these innovative custom umbrellas are reinforced with vented canopies, reinforced skeletons, and breathable fabric material, which make them fully wind proof. Hand them to your customer as free gifts and they would surely take note of your brand logo every time they use it in countering powerful wind gusts and in the down pour!Set up a strong customer base with these value added gifts that would keep your brand flying high over the heads literally!

43 Inch Arc Custom 2 Fold Wind Proof Auto Open Umbrellas

Not many advertisers would be prepared to take a risk with their good will by opting for a low cost umbrella, which may break in the rains and winds. Now they cannot just counter the winds but also the competition in the market with these high value gifts, which your customers would love to show off and thereby aiding in their brand promotion.

Your customers need not avoid stepping out in the rain for the fear of the winds breaking their umbrellas thanks to these custom anti wind umbrellas which will make them feel confident even during harsh weather. Ideal for all types of outdoor promotional events like trade shows and product launches these umbrellas last long and keep your brand promotional campaign on every time any customer uses it. Being wind proof does not mean that you have to compromise of its style and design.

60 Inch Arc Custom Printed Wind Proof Golf Umbrellas

Here are some of the best options that you would love to giveaway for your customers.

Windproof slim stick umbrellas
Personalized 42 inch arc vented windproof slim stick umbrellas are slim, trendy and windproof and are hugely popular for its stylish look. These can be easily carried in the bags or backpacks and wherever your customers go your brand name will receive wide exposure. Bulk purchases carry discounts and savings, which make it ideal for the budget conscious.

2 Fold Wind Proof Auto Open Umbrellas
These umbrellas that equipped with anti wind technology can be useful for beach or during a day out in the golf green. This auto open umbrella is available in a variety of colors and the imprinted logo will attract instant attention as these are carried on a windy day by your loyal customers.

Vented umbrella
64” arc vented umbrella is available in 9 different colors and these stand out for the massive advertising space in comparison to many posters and other popular advertising media. Put out your business messages loud and clear on these massive umbrellas that are impossible to miss out even in crowded market places. It is a good option for new brand players to get their word out during their outdoor promotional campaigns which can never be dampened even if the rain and wind play spoilsport!

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